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Monday, October 5, 2015

Trip Report: Mizzou

Even though we lost.

This year's Tour of the SEC Stadiums took us to Columbia, Missouri. Home of the Missouri Tigers. Also known as Mizzou.
or affectionately... 'zou
We all flew into Kansas City, MO which has the weirdest airport. All the terminals are separated and if you aren't paying attention, you can find yourself accidentally walking out of the secure area without realizing it. Not that I did that last year during a layover on a work trip or anything. 
I had some fun with snapchat while waiting to pick up our rental car.
We drove the 2 hours to Columbia and got checked into our hotel, which was right across from a Cemetery. Foreboding, perhaps? And we headed into town to check out the campus.

Beautiful campus.

Had my picture taken with T.J.
Who, is surprisingly, a gamecock fan.
you would have thought he'd support UVA.
 We attempted some selfies.
And failed miserably, at them.
Hit up the famous Harpos for a beer.

And then eventually wound up at Heidelberg's for dinner. It was fantastic! And the manager even stopped by our table a few times to give us some tailgating tips for the next day.

The game was at 11:00am on Saturday, so our tailgating options were pretty limited.

Drinking 32ozers in the car.
Just a regular Saturday morning, yo.
 Neat stadium, though.
Until this Clemson fan showed up.
We ended up losing the game. (BECAUSE WE SUUUUUCCCKK THIS YEAR). But, we didn't expect to win, so, it's okay.

Our obligatory post game picture in the stadium.
 We spent the rest of the day in Columbia checking out bars and watching football games. Overall, I realized that I am wayyyy too old for college bars. And that college kids look like middle schoolers.

I love snapchat.
It was a fun trip. Even though we lost. We got to spend a lot of time in the town and on campus, so I feel like we really got a feel of Columbia, which I always enjoy on these trips. And, it's a cool little college town.
Thanks for the hospitality, Mizzou!!! And Mississippi State, you better get your 32ozers ready for us next year!

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Carina said...

Having gone to HS outside KC, I've spent a fair amount of time at Mizzou and really like it. I hear ya on the KC airport -- one of the absolute worst in the country. Thankfully almost no one connects there, it's just a starting or ending point for most people. I also love Mizzou's campus. And love your fun tradition!

Gracie said...

College students look like they're ten...and I work in a hospital that is a teaching facility, and terrifyingly, med students look like they're 12 and residents look like they're 14.

Meredith said...

So fun. I've only visited one other Big Ten stadium/game besides Ohio State (where I went). It's so damn cold in the Big Ten. I don't want to sit through a game in the snow/rain/wind/Ohio State beat-down. My flat screen works just fine. :)