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Monday, October 1, 2012

Trip: Lexington, KY

I've been to Lexington, KY two previous times in my life. Both times I ended up a crying, drunken mess at the end of the night. This time, I was hoping for a different outcome.

No sleep for 24plus hours+LOTS of bourbon+No Food= Drunken, dancing alone Amy who then turns into drunken, bawling my eyes out alone on a park bench Amy. GOOD TIMES!

Rinse and repeat. Subtract the dancing and the park bench
and Add crying my eyes out to a cab driver.

In short, Lexington+Amy= SHITTY/DRUNKEN/CRYFEST.

This year, I was in Lexington on the same weekend as the Bourbon Chase. BUT, I wasn't there to run, I was there to continue on with the Tour of the SEC Stadiums that my friends and I do every year. I was hopeful that the Gamecocks would not leave me drunk and crying on Saturday night. Well, at least not crying.

Friday night we all got into town and I yelped a burger place for dinner: Sidebar. I am obsessed with veggie burgers, and theirs was only a 6 on a 10 scale. Oh well. Our waitress then sent us to an irish bar down the street.
About 30 seconds after this photo was snapped, we realized we were in a gay irish bar.

And after a dart game that lasted 2 hours it was time to go home. 
I am going to give up running and start playing darts full-time.

Saturday morning arrived way too early, but we got parked and into our tailgating spot by 11am.
First things first:
 The erection of the Cockmaster 3000.

 Technically a beer was cracked first, but whatev.

The Cockmaster 3000 at full staff.

Then we stood/sat/threw a football/hit a shuttlecock around for about 6 hours all the while drinking beer, bourbon and some nasty ass strawberry vodka shots and stuffing our faces with processed foods.
And we took about a bazillion group photos.

Make that bazillion +1.

Finally, it was time to head to the stadium.
I must have been drunk at this point because there was an incident
with a pair of glasses and the concrete and me kicking them
that I didn't remember the next day. Sorry, dude.

I spent the first half of the game grumbling and pissed off.

But thankfully, we turned things around in the second half, and we were able to get our obligatory post game photo in the stadium with legitimate smiles.
This looks like my fake smile, but it wasn't.

I am happy to report that at the end of the night I was NOT crying! Yay!!! (I was however, really pissed off because our friend Brad spilled an entire solo cup full of bourbon in my front seat. Fucking amateur).

I got up Sunday morning and got my 6 mile easy run done and we grabbed breakfast and headed home. Another successful tour stop.

Previous years trips:
2011: Athens, GA
2010: Auburn, AL
2008: Oxford, MS
2006: Nashville, TN (not blogged about. Sad).


Katie said...

beer, bourbon AND shots? you've got balls (liver) of steel.

Anonymous said...

Go Cocks !

the KoB

Van 1- Hall said...

Hello old friend. Must have missed you all in Lex for the BC even though you were there for the game (It was great to see the Cocks beat the Kats). I may or may not have crossed the finish line in a speedo, but the Speakeasies prevailed.