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Monday, September 24, 2007

Trip Report: New Orleans/Baton Rouge

Warning: This post is completely non-running related.

Ahhh... The Mighty Mississippi. Or, as it is affectionately known, America's Diarrhea.

Friday, I met up with two of my college buddies, Jeff & Dustin in New Orleans. The plan was to spend the weekend in New Orleans and drive up to Baton Rouge on Saturday for the big South Carolina vs. LSU football game.

We all met up around 12:30 or so and hit the town.

Here we are at Jackson Square. (Doesn't it look like we are at DisneyWorld?).

We checked into our hotel and then ventured out to a wal-mart to buy tailgating supplies. The most important purchase that day: Ponchos.

That night, we hit Bourbon Street, meeting up with Dustin's Cousin and a couple of his friends. We popped into some bar that has a mechanical bull. They had this really annoying emcee guy who would sing parts of the song and try to get the crowd into yelling for whoever was on the bull. For a couple of songs, they had an employee on the bull that was dressed very scantily and was dancely rather ludely to the music. Now, who did we see in this bar watching this? Joe Person (who is surprisingly hot) and Ron Morris (who is not surprisingly lame) sports writers for The State newspaper.

Saturday morning, we headed up to Baton Rouge. Now, I'm not sure if we just saw the bad parts of town or what, but apparently, it could also be called: Podunkville, USA. (or le redneckerie or whatever trashy redneck land translates to in French). Constantly, little kids and drunk college kids would come up to us pointing a finger directly in our faces screaming "tiger bait." We were sitting at a drive thru (we figured this safer than actually going inside amongst the tigers) and a truck pulled up beside us, waited for us to look over at him and he exaggeratedly shook his head and then drove off. You would think we were aliens (or even worse: Yankees).

We finally got parked, ate some food, drank some beer (hair of the dog style) and headed off to the stadium. About 3 minutes before we started to head in the stadium, the bottom fell out and it started pouring. Out came the ponchos. It rained off and on the entire game. Including the entire half time and third quarter. Good Times.

We didn't win, but we had a good time. And we did get to see Mike the tiger. I got some pics of him, but they aren't that great, so I didn't post them. I mean, how awesomely crazy is it that they have a freaking tiger on campus!!!!! Brilliant! I'm jealous.

Random Picture: Ummm... I think this refinery burns like this 24-7. That doesn't seem like good thing to me, maybe I'm crazy.

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