Twenty Six Point Two

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 things.

1. I finally signed up for the marathon that I am running/hobbyjogging/walking/crawling through in about 10 days. Thankfully, our hotel is within walking distance of the race, so, I will just let everyone know NOT to wait around on me, to go back to the hotel, shower, go to lunch, have a few beers, and then HOPEFULLY I will be able to join them for dinner. Or ya know, they can visit me in the hospital or whatev.

2. I am hesitant to even mention it, but, I think I might just FINALLY be motivated to get my shit together. I signed up for the legit weight watchers last week (not just the fake app that I used with success last year) and I'm still trying to get into consistent strength training. Along with that, I'm also trying to set some personal and career goals and it feels good to be giving myself control again. Too often, I get caught up in the mundane and find myself just floating along and bebopping through time without really being PRESENT in my life. So, that feels good.

3. I've started wearing a headlamp in my early morning weekday runs and everyday I am utterly baffled at how we ever ran at this same time of day, same time of year, same park without one before.

4. The KoB and I have started watching American Horror Story. We've finished the first season and are about halfway through the second. Generally, I am strictly opposed to all things scary. But, I am finding this show really enjoyable. It's spooky. But, not nightmare provoking. (After I saw The Ring, I couldn't sleep with my light off for like 9 days. It was bad).

5. One of my favorite things about Weight Watchers it their social media section called Connect. Everyone on there is talking about something called Halo Top. Normally, I'm not really into "diety" foods. I'd rather eat a little bit of the real thing that has ingredients that I can pronounce. BUT, ice cream is one of my favorite things. And considering a HALF CUP (which is like... why even bother getting up off the couch to scoop out a half cup?) has more than 1/3 of my allocated points for the day. I think I might have to give this low cal ice cream a try. Anyone else had it??

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weeks 5 & 6

So, week 5 wasn't bad, although, my plan was to run 10 miles Saturday and then 16 miles on Sunday.

That didn't happen.

Saturday, I ran a 15K and a .7 mile warm up for a total of 10 miles. So... hooray!!! Even better... I ran the 15k at a 9:49 pace (my goal was sub 10:00 pace for the race). So... double hooray!!

And then Sunday rolled around and I was all psyched to run 16 miles. And then I started running and my legs felt like bricks. Apparently, running 9 miles at 9:49 pace is hard on my legs these days. Sad, but true.

So, at the end of the week, I finished with back-2-back 10 milers. Not ideal, but not terrible.

Week 6 was terrible running-wise. The KoB was out of town for a couple of days, which means, I was on dog duty. I went to the Carrie Underwood concert for work one night, which was fun, but EXHAUSTING, and then we flew to Boston, where I could have ran more. But, didn't.

So, there you have it. I'm tapering. HAHAHAHAH. Ha. Ha.

The good news is, I have no problems with walk/running this marathon as much as I need to. (It's going to be a lot of walking, people). I've got 2 weekends to go before the race. Let's hope, I can put something together this weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Weeks 3 & 4

I honestly don't know why I can't get my shit together to blog more often, but, I'm really hoping I can get back into a good routine, because I have things to say, dammit. Anyway, I'm in the middle of week 5 right now, so, we've got a little catch up to do.

So, week 3 was really good. Since, I don't have a lot of time to train (weekday-wise), I'm really focusing on getting quality miles in on the weekend. So, week 3, I ran 10 miles on Saturday and then 14 miles on Sunday and surprisingly, felt really good for both of those runs.

I think doing double long runs (for me) is a good way to get into endurance shape. It's teaching my legs to run while tired and since I have to run slower to get the miles in, I feel like I'm testing the injury gods a little less. 

So, I feel like I had a good week 3. Week 4, my running was pretty non-existent. So, that's no good. But now, I'm in week 5 and hoping to have a good week!

Remember, this is a precautionary tale of training. DON'T DO THIS. Actually train for shit and don't half ass it, like I am.

I'm getting into it and having fun, and I'm tempted to float the idea of being coached again, once this mess of a training cycle and race is through. I'm ready to get better again and while it's going to be a bit of a struggle to get my weekday miles up (new job is awesome, but a little less flexible than previous job), I think I'm ready to see if I can make it work.

Gotta get through Oct 16, first though!

Hope everyone else's fall training is going well!

OMG my blogger formatting on this post is driving me crazy. I apologize if it looks even shittier than it normally does.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Weeks 1 and 2


Sadly, I don't have a good excuse like Bob and Linda.

How's it going?

Things here are going... okay. 

My strategy is essentially the same strategy I had for my first ever marathon (which I finished! Hooray! But, immediately afterwards, I was like... fuuuuuuck I didn't train properly for that. So... Booo!). That strategy is: Make sure you get your long runs in.

So, last week (officially week 2). I embarked on a 15 miler. I did finish the damn thing, but it was not pretty. 

Let's be honest. I shouldn't be running 15 mile long runs right now. And if it weren't so fucking hot that anything faster than a 9 minute mile is basically impossible, I probably wouldn't even be entertaining training for this marathon in October. But, with the temperature so hot and me so out of shape, I feel like pushing myself to a bad point, just isn't going happen. So, there's my reasoning. Instead, I'm just pushing myself into heat stroke and the possibility of having to walk 6 miles back to my car because I am just done in the middle of a long run.

So, for the record:

Week 1: Long run of 11 miles, total miles for the week: 31
Week 2: Long run 15 miles, total miles for the week: 32

What's the rule of thumb? Don't make your long run more than 25% of your total mileage for the week or some shit? Hahahahahahahahahahahahah.


Oh shit. I'm so dumb.

In other news.... I also have two other marathons on the books for my near future. The Flying Monkey in November and a marathon in Phoenix at the end of February. So... I need to get my ass in gear.

With 6 weeks go, I'm sure it will happen.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What can happen in 8 weeks?

Remember back in like May and I was all... I'm going to start basebuilding and I'm going to start doing some workouts. I'm going to be hella prepared for the Des Moines Marathon in October!!!!!!!

Me, in May.

And then summer happened and it got humid as fuck and then there were vacations and bottles of wine on friday nights and then a beach trip and now it's fucking mid-August and I've got no base and no speed and no endurance and yet, I'm still planning on doing a Marathon in 8 weeks.

So. Should I drop down to running the half and focus on that? Yeah, I definitely should. That is the smart thing to do. But, am I going to do that? Nope. Nope. Nope. I'm going to push forward and see what the hell I can do in 8 weeks.
This is what my body is saying to my brain right now.

So, please, join me.... here on the blog. Where I will be recapping each of my 8 weeks and what I've done or not done in order to survive a marathon in 8 weeks. Originally, I had thought I'd try to break 4 hours again in that race. Now, I just want to finish the race with my shin bones intact.

I do have some good news to go along with this ridiculous news!!!!!! I have actually been LIFTING!!!! As in... consistently using weights and doing push-ups and shit. I KNOW. I can't believe it, either!!!!! And even crazier, is I'm actually really having fun doing it. 

Another plus... I've been doing really well with cleaning up my diet lately, as well. So, if I can finally put all three together: lifting+running+not just eating popcorn and ice cream for dinner, but salads and stuff = a decent shot at surviving the next 8 weeks, as well as the race.

So, here we go... I'm in the middle of week 1 right now. Stayed tuned for the possible shitshow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Best Laid Plans: Leadville Trip 2016

Let me be real with you guys. Originally, when we were talking about this trip back in like January or something, I got the GREAT idea, that we should backpack/hike the entire (one-way) length of the Leadville 100 course. We were going to get dropped off at the turnaround point and then take 3-4 days hiking/backpacking/gasping for air the 50 miles back to Leadville.

Doesn't that sound amazing?????

The only issue? I've never backpacked before. And so, we decided that we'd do a couple of trips leading up to it to make sure that I'm not going to whine and die the entire time while hiking and carrying a pack.

Did we do those little trips? Nope.

So, we bagged the backpacking trip... NEXT YEAR, DAMMIT. And since The KoB was quickly dying at 10,000+ ft, we decided to spend our Sunday driving around again. And we did drive out to the turn around point of the Leadville 100 course. Which, also happens to be our darling, eyebrowed, furry child's namesame:

 Eyebrowed Winfield.

Ghost Town Winfield.

Both equally charming.

Other fun random things from our trip so that I can finally wrap this trip report up.  

Gilman, Colorado
And abandoned mining town that we saw from the side of the road.
It was so eery. It was everyone woke up one day and left.
According to wikipedia: it was abandoned in 1984 by order of the EPA.

 A Beautiful bridge that we drove over and then under later on.

 We made a rule that we stopped at every "point of interest"
that we encountered. We read a LOT of historical markers.

It was an amazing trip and an amazing vacation. Thankfully, since we spent the last night in Denver before flying home, The KoB's HAPE did get better.

See you next year, Colorado!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

That Time The KoB Almost Died on Vacation... well... not really.

The day after hiking up Hope Pass, The KoB and I were both a little hungover (thank you high gravity beer and high altitude) and my calves were totally and utterly fucked. I dunno if I spent all nine miles of the Hope Pass hike walking on my tiptoes or what, but I couldn't walk without soreness for about 4 days. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Anyway, since we didn't feel our best, we figured we'd just hop in the car and explore a bit. So... that we did....

First Stop: Independence Pass

 That's the road to Independence Pass. 
It was extremely curvy and switchbacky. 

 Helluva view though.

Next up: Was the Ghost Town of Independence.
 I loved seeing the remnants of these little towns.
It was amazing to think about what life must have been
like back then. Particularly in the harsh winters.
 Another view of Independence Pass on the way back down.
By the time we got back to Leadville, we were feeling better and went out for an early dinner. After dinner we went to bed and kinda/sorta expected to tackle some 14ers the next day. Until, The KoB stopped being able to breathe easily and started wheezing like a 67 year old smoker with emphysema. And then the coughing began. It was a rough night. I've watched enough of Beyond the Limit episodes to be able to diagnose him with the early stages of High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) (despite the fact that I haven't taken a science class since my junior year of high school, I am well versed in all the mediciney things in the world. Trust me).
Sadly, I couldn't find one gif from that incredible tv show.
So, instead here's a gif of Alfonso Ribeiro doing the
Carlton on top of Everest.
The next morning, after I got probably 5 hours of sleep, to the KoB 30 minutes or so, I read the list of symptoms to the KoB for HAPE and he had like all of them. And the only cure is to get to lower altitude.
Sadly, we didn't have one of these altitude chambers for him to lie in.
Too bad for him we still had 1 night left in Leadville!

After we got home and he checked the interwebs doing research on it, he got pissed at me because I didn't tell him that one of the outcomes for untreated HAPE is... well... death. But, I mean... you could die from anything. I feel like the stock answer on WebMD is always yup... it's fatal. Plus, we were at 10,000 ft. Not 20,000. He was going to be unable to breath easily for the next 3 days, but I felt certain that he wasn't going to die from it. AND LOOK... HE DIDN'T. Anyway, next time, I know to lead with the worst possible scenario when reading off of WebMD for him. HAPPY VACATION, guys.

More postcard like pictures and more stories of The KoBs worsening airways to come.