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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Lake Auman, NC

After 11 straight years of drinkfest locations where we had to spend at the very least 30 minutes in the car to get to any civilization (except that one year in Myrtle Beach), my main requirement with finding a house to rent this time, was that it was close to a grocery store and that it had something to do ON SITE.

Enter this amazing (and cheap!) lake house outside of Pinehurst, NC. (Somehow I have no pictures of the actual house. But trust me, it was really nice). It was so nice to roll out of bed and not have to get into a car to find an activity for the day. All we did we walk a few steps downstairs and to the lake.

This is how I had my morning coffee.

It was glorious. We laughed, we talked, we argued, we got drunk.

Day 1, our floating cooler was a plastic bag with ice on a paddleboard.

The lake was spring-fed so it was crystal clear and really
shallow at the dock.

We all tried paddle-boarding.
Meh, I didn't find it that fun or challenging.

And Jeff (who will KILL ME if he finds out I posted this video. That's what my friends get for not reading my blog. I'll post embarrassing videos of you on the interwebs) drunkenly thought that he could use a float as a paddleboard. Thankfully, I recorded it.

Please disregard my hyena laughter in the background.
I could not stop laughing.
(and even now break into a fit everytime I watch the video).

At night we either cooked at home or went out. One night we stayed up late playing cards against humanity. Our friend Pony (a nickname that goes back 14 years or so) brought his girlfriend for the 2nd time and she fits in seamlessly with our raunchy crew.

"Dem Titties" was her best win of the night.

And the other nights we just stayed up talking or watching American Ninja Warrior (which is surprisingly addictive).
Day two we wised up with a legit cooler on the dock.
 We did have a little rain on Saturday.

But, thankfully, it didn't last too long.

All-in-all it was one of the best Drinkfest's yet. The only way it would have been made better was if The KoB had been able to go, but sadly, he had a work travel scheduling conflict.

Already counting down till next year!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Love Wins

Friday afternoon I was floating around in Auman Lake in North Carolina with my best friends from college. We were on our Annual Drinkfest trip and we were relaxing, laughing, drinking, and catching up.

One of our friends who was late arrived with his girlfriend. They yelled at us from the dock to get our attention that they were there. After announcing their arrival, they yelled... Did you hear the Supreme Court Ruling????

We all cheered upon hearing and toasted the decision that night over dinner. I have to admit, I'm a little sad that I wasn't hooked into the media (or the world, really) when the ruling came out. Because, damn, what a historic and beautiful thing. With so much hate going on in America, I wanted to be apart of the LOVE that is finally being accepted and respected.

So, I realize I am late to the party on this post. But, I couldn't just let something so wonderful and historic go without being mentioned.

 I tear up everytime I watch this.
Love wins.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A New Addition

About a week and a half ago, The KoB sent me text about a dog that had followed him for a long time on a run along one of the country roads near his house. He said the dog had ran the whole way with him and Jeff and that when they got to the main road, The KoB ran the dog back to where the dog had started with them and Jeff ran to his car to pick The KoB up.

The KoB had asked a guy mowing his grass about the dog and the guy said it wasn't anyone around there's dog. At lunch time, I drove up to meet The KoB and we drove down the road to see if the dog was still there. Sure enough, he was sitting in the shade in someone's front yard. The KoB knocked on the door and a lady came out and said that she had just called animal control on him. She said that someone had dropped him off out there a couple of days ago and that while she was feeding him, she couldn't keep him.

So, the little guy got loaded into my car and taken to The KoB's house.

Allow me to introduce:
(middle name still pending: Wiggles)

The proper authorities have been notified (although, it is pretty evident that he was just dumped out on this country road by his previous piece of shit owners), and he has a clean bill of health from the vet!

He has a LOT of Rottweiler in him. 
And is adorable and sweet and a quick learner.
While his previous owners kept him healthy, they didn't keep up with any sort of flea/tick regime or even give him any treats, since he is completely unaffected by the word Treats or by the sound of a treat bag being crinkled. We are doing our best to teach him all about that.

And... thankfully, he gets along beautifully
with his big brother Leo.

Welcome to the family, Winfield!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's only Tuesday.

Thanks to Carina and Gracie for both leaving comments on my last post about how much I hate work. I meant to respond in the comments, but, I didn't get around to it.

Anyway, things aren't much better. I HATE feeling this way and every morning when I get up and start my day I tell myself to get over it and put on a positive face. And then I walk into work and it's like all I want to do is crawl under my desk and stay there for 8 hours.

I AM trying, though.

I also owe you a May- Year of Vain Amy report which I will get around to later this week (spoiler alert: I didn't lose any weight, which isn't helping my mood). But for now... a dump of photos from the weekend:

The KoB surprised me with a Nintendo Gaming System!!

 I was the only kid I know that didn't have a Nintendo system. SERIOUSLY, EVERYONE HAD ONE. And when I would mention that to my mom, she would gleefully say... "well, good, you can just play it when you are at a friend's house." But then, I wasn't really allowed to go to friend's houses all that often, anyway, I have a HUGE fascination with Nintendo and specifically Super Mario Brothers. I suck at it, but I love it.

I'm embarrassed to admit how many times this 
killed me this weekend. 
The KoB even said at one point:
"Ya know, when you make it past that first guy, you go pretty far."

Anyway it was awesome and I am obsessed. 

 Leo was not impressed.
We also watched a the movie: Tango and Cash. Starring Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. Um. I don't recommend unless you are drunk and make fun of it the entire time.

It did include the most bizarre prison shower scene I've ever seen.
photo censored by me. obvs.

Also spied some deer crossing through the yard.
Not pictured: the dead rattlesnake in the front yard.

It was a great weekend and of course, it went by too fast. I'm basically living for weekends right now. 

And it's only Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When work sucks.

Every few months I go through a phase where I just hate my fucking job. It usually coincides with a client who is being a real pain in the ass or with a huge dump of work all at once. Thankfully, it usually only lasts for a couple of weeks and I spend a lot of my non-working time in those phases engaging in my favorite homophone:


and Whining.
It goes away and I get a new project or a new client and I become reinvigorated. I just assume this is normal. After all, I do get PAID for this. So, it's not like I'm going to love it all the time. But, lately, the the god-awfulness tends to go away in the same amount of time as it always has (the good news), but getting reinvigorated and re-invested in my work is... uhhh... just not happening (the bad news).

The problem with hating your work, is that it takes up at LEAST 40 hours of your life a week. And the spillover for me, is tremendous. I just cannot shake the ennui when I get home. Which is really the problem. Instead of going about my night... running and working out and then cooking dinner and watching a show. All I want to do is lie around on the couch and be mindless.

Which just makes me FEEL worse. It's the domino effect... when one part of your life is shit, it affects the other parts of your life as well.

What I need to be doing is... instead of focusing on the crappy 40 hours a week and letting that rule my mood and life... I should be focused on the GOOD stuff... like... The KoB and my puppy dog and my friends and family. My health and general well being (minus the job hating). BUT OMG THAT IS SO HARD!

I found this picture when I was uploading pics from the weekend.
Apparently Buzzed Amy was very excited about her
Veggie Dog and Zucchini.
It's the small things, which is the point, I suppose.

So... I dunno, I guess this is just a public journal entry to tell myself to GET OVER it. Work is work. What we make of life outside of work is what's important and I am just shortchanging myself when I don't take advantage of that.

How do you keep your work from affecting your life outside of work? Am I missing something? Is there a secret I don't know about?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Long Weekend

I sat around and drank beer while The KoB changed
the oil in his corvette.

Followed my dad in his '56 Chevy
to a car show in Granville, TN

Spent all day at the car show.

Got incredibly sunburned.

Ran the 11.2 for the 3rd weekend in a row. Felt the best yet. Then drove to the River House to check out things there and drink beer and watch movies.

Saw a mouse scamper across the carpet around 9pm.

Slept like shit, because all I could think about was the mouse crawling into bed and crawling all over my face.

Woke up to pouring rain. Which, honestly, felt kind of perfect. Too often we all take the spirit of Memorial Day for granted. Sure, it's a long weekend and a day off work. But, it's a day of remembrance for all those people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The rain felt sort of poetic.

Drove home in the rain and watched a zillion episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

It was the perfect unofficial start to the summer. (Although, if I'm being honest, I could have done without the mouse).

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How NOT to run for Mayor

Nashville is electing a new mayor on August 6, 2015. It is a hotly contested race and you can't watch local television stations without seeing slick, expensive ads from some of the candidates.

I haven't picked the mayoral candidate that I'm going to support just yet, but as of Sunday morning, I have eliminated one: Linda Eskind Rebrovick.

You see, Sunday morning, I was at the park with my dog, Leo. We were enjoying a brisk stroll along the paved roads at Percy Warner Park. We stopped at my car to get him some water and I noticed two women power-walking by the Flagpole. I looked a little closer and I noticed that one of those ladies was in fact, Linda Eskind Rebrovick. (If seeing her every time I turn on the television in one of her  ads wasn't enough for me to properly identify her, wearing a shirt with her logo on it certainly did). At first, I thought. YES! This is awesome. A mayoral candidate who uses the park and believes in being active and fit. I love it!

And then I noticed a dog bumbling alongside them. The dog was beautiful and enormous and completely off leash. The dog would run far ahead of them and all around and then run back close to them before taking off again. My dog, Leo, properly leashed because... THAT IS THE LAW, noticed the off leash dog, too. And he started to pull on his own leash, because he wanted to play with the off leash dog.

At first, I thought: SURELY TO GOODNESS a mayoral candidate doesn't have her dog illegally off-leash in one of Nashville's busiest parks. I mean, no one is that dumb, right? I figured it must have been her friend's dog (although, if I was running for mayor, I wouldn't even walk with a friend who was doing something illegal). But, you could see that Ms. Rebrovick was indeed carrying a leash with her.


First and foremost, It's illegal. Dogs are to be leashed at all times in Metro Nashville and specifically Metro Parks. And nothing pisses me off more than people who feel so entitled that they just think that laws don't apply to them.

Second of all, it's a law for a REASON. I don't care how well behaved you think your dog is. They are still an animal and (even though I don't understand it) not all people LIKE dogs. The park is for everyone, and everyone should be able to enjoy it without fear of a dog coming up to them. It's also unsafe for your dog and other dogs and animals in the park. And if there is anything I hate more than people with a sense of entitlement, it's people who willing and knowingly put their pets at risk.

An example: a couple of years ago, I was running in that same park and another asshole had his dog off leash running around. The dog's attention was pulled to a squirrel and he chased the squirrel to a tree. The squirrel was confused, scared, and disoriented and even though the owner was yelling at his dog to come back to him, the dog was too focused on the poor squirrel to pay his owner ANY attention. And the dog ended up killing the squirrel. All because some dickweed owner thought that the leash law didn't apply to him.

What if the squirrel had jumped out on the road into a car, and the dog followed? It's DANGEROUS, people. Protect your dogs!!!!!!

So, yeah, Linda Eskind Rebrovick won't be getting my vote this August and I thought I'd let some of my fellow Nashville park lovers and voters know why. I want a mayor who respects not only the laws of this city, but also their fellow citizens and their pets.