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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Long Weekend

I sat around and drank beer while The KoB changed
the oil in his corvette.

Followed my dad in his '56 Chevy
to a car show in Granville, TN

Spent all day at the car show.

Got incredibly sunburned.

Ran the 11.2 for the 3rd weekend in a row. Felt the best yet. Then drove to the River House to check out things there and drink beer and watch movies.

Saw a mouse scamper across the carpet around 9pm.

Slept like shit, because all I could think about was the mouse crawling into bed and crawling all over my face.

Woke up to pouring rain. Which, honestly, felt kind of perfect. Too often we all take the spirit of Memorial Day for granted. Sure, it's a long weekend and a day off work. But, it's a day of remembrance for all those people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The rain felt sort of poetic.

Drove home in the rain and watched a zillion episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

It was the perfect unofficial start to the summer. (Although, if I'm being honest, I could have done without the mouse).

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How NOT to run for Mayor

Nashville is electing a new mayor on August 6, 2015. It is a hotly contested race and you can't watch local television stations without seeing slick, expensive ads from some of the candidates.

I haven't picked the mayoral candidate that I'm going to support just yet, but as of Sunday morning, I have eliminated one: Linda Eskind Rebrovick.

You see, Sunday morning, I was at the park with my dog, Leo. We were enjoying a brisk stroll along the paved roads at Percy Warner Park. We stopped at my car to get him some water and I noticed two women power-walking by the Flagpole. I looked a little closer and I noticed that one of those ladies was in fact, Linda Eskind Rebrovick. (If seeing her every time I turn on the television in one of her  ads wasn't enough for me to properly identify her, wearing a shirt with her logo on it certainly did). At first, I thought. YES! This is awesome. A mayoral candidate who uses the park and believes in being active and fit. I love it!

And then I noticed a dog bumbling alongside them. The dog was beautiful and enormous and completely off leash. The dog would run far ahead of them and all around and then run back close to them before taking off again. My dog, Leo, properly leashed because... THAT IS THE LAW, noticed the off leash dog, too. And he started to pull on his own leash, because he wanted to play with the off leash dog.

At first, I thought: SURELY TO GOODNESS a mayoral candidate doesn't have her dog illegally off-leash in one of Nashville's busiest parks. I mean, no one is that dumb, right? I figured it must have been her friend's dog (although, if I was running for mayor, I wouldn't even walk with a friend who was doing something illegal). But, you could see that Ms. Rebrovick was indeed carrying a leash with her.


First and foremost, It's illegal. Dogs are to be leashed at all times in Metro Nashville and specifically Metro Parks. And nothing pisses me off more than people who feel so entitled that they just think that laws don't apply to them.

Second of all, it's a law for a REASON. I don't care how well behaved you think your dog is. They are still an animal and (even though I don't understand it) not all people LIKE dogs. The park is for everyone, and everyone should be able to enjoy it without fear of a dog coming up to them. It's also unsafe for your dog and other dogs and animals in the park. And if there is anything I hate more than people with a sense of entitlement, it's people who willing and knowingly put their pets at risk.

An example: a couple of years ago, I was running in that same park and another asshole had his dog off leash running around. The dog's attention was pulled to a squirrel and he chased the squirrel to a tree. The squirrel was confused, scared, and disoriented and even though the owner was yelling at his dog to come back to him, the dog was too focused on the poor squirrel to pay his owner ANY attention. And the dog ended up killing the squirrel. All because some dickweed owner thought that the leash law didn't apply to him.

What if the squirrel had jumped out on the road into a car, and the dog followed? It's DANGEROUS, people. Protect your dogs!!!!!!

So, yeah, Linda Eskind Rebrovick won't be getting my vote this August and I thought I'd let some of my fellow Nashville park lovers and voters know why. I want a mayor who respects not only the laws of this city, but also their fellow citizens and their pets.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mind Blown. (Non-running related).

So, last night I stayed over at The KoB's house because he had graciously helped me get my car fixed by his trustworthy mechanic.

After I made dinner and cleaned up after (as a thank you), we settled in to watch some television and relax. The past couple of nights we have actually been watching a DVD about how to rebuild an engine. AND SURPRISINGLY, it doesn't suck. (Normally, he offers up Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal straight to dvd movies, so, I'll take a dry instructional video over that bullshit any day). It was actually pretty easy to turn it into a drinking game, because of the host's heavy usage of the word "persuasion."

Use it in a sentence:

"If the bolt doesn't come out of the crankshaft easily, sometimes you just have to use a little persuasion to get it out."


And apparently, there are LOTS of things that require some persuasion to get them off an old engine.

The set up.
His television is in his "gym."
Please note his "entertainment center."
Also please note my "Tammi Taylor" glass of wine
(that was almost empty!).

Leo was not impressed.
Seriously guys.

Anyway, so, we are watching television and all the sudden I see a mosquito on the wall. I say something about the mosquito and The KoB says.... "that's not a mosquito."

"Sure it is."
"Nope. I don't know what it is, but it's not a mosquito."

I thought he was kidding with me, but I looked it up and he was right. MY ENTIRE LIFE, I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT THESE WERE MOSQUITOES.  I never knew that mosquitoes were actually quite small and dark.

Are you kidding me?
I have avoided these things like the plague my whole life.
These are apparently Crane Flies.

I am still baffled at how I could have been wrong about something like this for 35 years. I blame my parents. Anyway, it's just so weird to think one thing all your life and then find out, that're wrong.

What else am I completely wrong about?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week in Review

So, I missed a day of my weekly goals. I was hoping to run on Sunday evening, but after eating wayyyyy too much Strawberry Cheesecake with my family and getting home kind of late, instead of running I sat on the couch and ate ice cream. So, that evening was a bit of a fail. Oops.

And I wonder why losing weight is a struggle. FFS.

BUT, I did run 4 miles for 3 days and then I survived a long run of the 11.2. It was brutal and I knew it would be. According to my log, I hadn't ran the whole 11.2 route since June 8, 2014. WHAT????? that is insane. But, I am going to be making up for it this summer. I did walk some good bits of it, but, it was a good starting point for the summer and a good base for improvement.

Even though the run was one of the hardest I've had in awhile (both mentally and physically), when I was driving home, I was completely exhilarated. For the first time in a long time I enjoyed the suck. And damn, that felt good. 

The rest of the week/weekend was good. I got to spend time with my Mama on Mother's Day and The Bitches and Sonsabitches got to hang out together on Saturday.

Bitches and SoBs by the river!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Money Well Spent

Mindy Kaling used to keep a blog called... Things I Bought that I Love. It was awesome. So, I thought I might throw a few shout outs to things that I've bought that I love every once in awhile. WARNING: This will likely have nothing to do with running.

Coral Colored Bathroom Stuff:

Seven years ago I bought my condo and I bought baby blue and dark brown themed bathroom towels and shower curtain. The Aughts called... they wanted their bathroom color scheme back.

After hemming and hawing and looking EVERYWHERE and almost pulling the trigger on an $88 shower curtain from Anthropologie (WTF????), I instead opting on buying two colorful hand towels from World Market and a coordinating (but not matching) shower curtain from Target.

Hand towels: 12.99 (I only bought hand towels)

It is amazing how much this brightened my bathroom up. In the store the colors looked very Coral/Red. In my bathroom they look very pink. And surprisingly, that doesn't bother me at all.

I couldn't find the shower curtain online.
But it's $19.99 and Target still has them in stores.

At first glance, I winced at the idea of spending $12.99 on something that I wipe my hands on. But, they are really good quality and at the end of the day, $25 bucks on hand towels, isn't really that big of a deal, ya know?

Primer + Makeup Setter

So, apparently, throughout the course of the day, I touch my face a lot. Because, by about 1pm, my makeup is practically gone. This is not good, because I don't have a lot of natural coloring on my face, so, I end up looking like I'm working on the set of The Walking Dead. 

This is probably a good look for a zombie.
For an accountant, not so much.

I've tried primers in the past. But, I made the mistake of getting "mattifying" primers. And that just made my face look even duller. Blah. Boring.

Then, I got a sample of Laura Mercier "Radiance" Foundation Primer and I used it the morning of my brothers wedding. And between that and the NYX Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (in Dewy finish), I didn't have to touch up my makeup before the 5:15ish wedding ceremony.

This is my makeup at about 5pm. 
I put it on around 9:30am.
That shit is magic.
Also my dad is adorable.

Weekly Planner for work

When I find a planner that I like, it's hard for me to make the jump to try something new. I started out with just a cute notebook that wasn't designed to be used as a calendar where I just used one page per day and just noted my daily to-do list and kept track of my billable time. Easy.

Then, I started having appointments (not many, but a few) and needing to plan things more based on days, so, I got a planner from Target that had one week spread over two pages. It worked fine, but, at the end of this year, I couldn't find another one like it. So, I had to move on.

I searched high and low for something that had one week broken into two pages. Something that would lay flat on my desk and I needed it to be big. I can't handle those small little purse-sized planners.

I ended up buying a Moleskine Weekly Extra Large Softcover Planner. I think I paid about $25 for it and I bought it at Barnes and Noble. It had the two page weekly layout, but one side was all the days and the other side was just a blank page. I wasn't sure how I was going to like it.

Turns out, I LOVE it and it's perfect for me. It's like the best of both worlds. I get to jot down my daily to-dos and plan ahead with the calendar and then I use the blank page to keep track of my billable time. (50% of my work is just a weekly/monthly flat rate to clients, that I don't keep track of my time for, but the other 50% is tax work and billable bookkeeping that I do have to keep up with my time).

On the left side, my daily schedule and to dos.
On the right, my billable time tracking.
(This was a week in March. Sadly, I don't have a party on this Saturday).

Bonus points that it's very lightweight and easily packs into my work tote.

So, these are a few of my favorite things lately. What have you bought lately that you love?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Update on last week's non-plan running plan

So, last week. I actually met my goal!! I did my little 30 minute runs and I did one "long" run of 9 miles. And I feel great about it.

This week, I'm shooting for the same thing, but inching it up to 40 minutes for most of the runs.

Other highlights of the week/weekend...

 Yahtzee Thursday

Beer and Scratch-Offs Friday

Leo out in the Corvette Sunday

Not pictured:

Going to Home Improvement Stores twice in one weekend to get PLANTS and FLOWERS and FRUIT BUSHES. Seriously, I'm obsessed with using The KoB's outdoor space for vegetables and flowers.

Getting a new remote entry clicker programmed for my car. WAHOOOOOOO!

Watching the movie Snowpiercer:
Really good.
Really disturbing.

It was a good week and a great weekend.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Vain Amy April Report

 Looking back, it feels like April was the longest freaking month of my life. Probably because it was absolutely jam packed with stuff.

If only, Kitty. If only.

There was good stuff (my brother's wedding, the end of tax season, beautiful spring weather at the end of the month).

There was bad stuff (death of a friend, work trip at the worst absolute time, tax season, and lots and lots of rain).

But, it honestly seems like all of that was so long ago.

So, it's time for an update on my year-long attempt to get into the best shape ever, take care of my skin, read lots of pages of books, and make movies. Let's see how I did, shall we?

PHYSICAL: So, yeah, I actually didn't lose any pounds this month. SADZ.

It's true.

The good news is that most of my favorite clothes are fitting again, but the bad news is that the scale didn't move at all. I have implemented a new plan, however. Normally, I try to eat healthy. Cause, ya know, when it's not the Year of Vain Amy, I'm wayyyyy more concerned about my health than I am about my weight. 

Well, fuck that (for now). Eating my regularly healthy diet hasn't been producing the immediate effects I'd like (I'm impatient and that makes me irresponsible). So.... I'm resorting to extreme measures. And, I'm eating low carb. Which... if you're a lazy vegetarian like I am, that means all the fake meat and all the cheese and lots of eggs. Eggs WITH the yolk, because... low carb, yo.

It's actually pretty ridiculous and I'm only doing this for a few weeks to get a little "jumpstart" on some weight loss (which I will inevitably gain right back when I start eating carbs again). It actually feels pretty disgusting. Normally, I don't eat cheese or eggs at home, so, eating a lot of that now because it's easy and I'm lazy just feels kind... gross. But also tasty. I did freak myself and The KoB out a little a couple of Saturdays ago when I all the sudden I went numb on the left side of my face and my gums and the tip of my tongue went numb. WEIRD. Was I stroking out? TOO MUCH CHEESE?

So, yeah, I know it's not healthy, but it always produces results for me, so, I'm sticking with it for another week or two.

Also, yes, STRENGTH TRAINING. I know... muscle burns more fat. I'll get around to it. Eventually. By November, bitches, I am going to be hella in shape. (hopefully, at this rate).

BOOKS: Success! I finished two books in April, (I'm still wayyy behind in my 25 page average per day goal, but I've got time).

This book grabbed me from the first page. Which, I have to say... even in quick reads like this, is often not the case. It was a super fun and quick read and gave me a chance to geek out a bit to my Latin roots (I took 4 years of Latin in high school and the last two years were just mythology and culture and it was awesome). 

I will say that the beginning of the book was super detailed and meticulous (lots of detail about boats and equipment on the boats,etc) and then the last half felt SUPER rushed (Oh, here's an island, with a crazy inhabitant, and climax, and wrap it all up neatly. DONE). 

 I do recommend it though.

So, I bought this particular book, because the bookstore I was at didn't have the book I was looking for: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo by Cap. Ted Lawson. My brother had recommended Thirty Seconds to me, after I told him about Unbroken. I thought... well... the Autobiography of Jimmy Doolittle, is going to cover Doolittle's Raid, so, I'll just get that.

I'm glad I read it, because Jimmy Doolittle was a true American Hero and Patriot. But, wow... the amount of detail about planes in this book was astounding and I am embarrassed to say... a bit of a struggle for me to get through. Like, I almost feel like I could have read Jimmy Doolittle's Wikipedia page and taken away the same amount of information. Because, for someone like me, that is just not interested in airplanes, I just didn't retain a lot of it. Or frankly, understand some of it.

God, I feel like such an asshole saying that, because of the subject matter. The book was also well written and super detailed, but, it just reinforced that my non-fiction interests lie in books about specific events and as such, biographies are usually too broad for my tastes.

That being said, It's amazing the lives that people can lead and what all can be done in a lifetime. If you are into airplanes or biographies, I highly suggest this book. Jimmy Doolittle led an incredible life.

SKIN: Meh. I'm still struggling with keeping up my routine every day. But, I can tell that my skin is looking better. I also bought some new primer and a makeup setting spray that I am LOVING. So... with makeup, my skin is looking totes fab.

MOVIES: I'm going to order some editing software and I am tinkering a bit with my GoPro. I've got some plots/scenes ready to shoot this summer. So, I anticipate some major strides with this hobby in the coming months.

Overall, I feel like April was kind of a fail. But, onward and upward.. May is going to be awesome.