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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WW Update

So, I've been doing the Weight Watchers thing for 4 weeks now and I've lost 9.3 pounds.

Baller Status.

It is genius and I love it. It makes losing weight FUN. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID FUN. Crazy, huh? I've got about 18 more pounds that I want to lose and I'm hoping that by 12/31/15, I will be at my goal weight. (Year of Vain Amy- Salvaged!). Which means I will need to lose 6 pounds each month for the remaining 3 months. Doable? Yes. Easy? No. 

But, whatever, I'm just going to keep rolling with it and see where it takes me.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Long Runs

For the past two weekends I have finally ventured into double digit long runs with no walk-breaks.

Nevermind the fact that my overall pace on these runs has been barely under 12 minute miles.

Actually, I don't even care what my pace is. I'm just happy that I can run 11 miles and not walk, die, quit, shred my shins, or cry. So.... victory! I'm hoping to keep the momentum going, but I've got a lot of trips in October so, I'm going to try to make sure I get some kind of long run in SOMEHOW during those weeks/weekends.

Wish me well. My Marathon is less than 7 weeks away.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mutt Strutt 5K

Also, don't look too closely... we all look a little "weird"
when you start to REALLY look at this photo.

Saturday morning The KoB, the dogs, and I loaded up and headed to Centennial Park for their 1st annual Mutt Strutt 5K benefiting the Nashville Humane Association (which is where I adopted Leo!). It's a cause near and dear to our hearts, so it was a no brainer to support this cause and sign up for this race. 
Turns out Leo and I were DNSers. And Winfield and The KoB were DNFers. But, no matter... we had a great time and I loved seeing everyone out at the park with their dogs.

Also, got some good photos of Winfield and The KoB during the race.

It looks like they are the only ones out there, but there
were tons of dogs and people at the race!

Winfield is an excellent runner.

On the sidelines with Mr. Bloom.

 Post race they even had cake for the dogs!!

It's a great cause, and even if there were no finishers out of the 4 of us,
I'm sure we will be back next year!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spectating The Barkley Fall Classic

The blood is under the caked dirt.

On Saturday, The KoB and I loaded up the pups and headed to Frozen Head State Park. The KoB's brother (who I will be referring to as Kool-Aid), was running/hiking/surviving (hopefully) the Barkley Fall Classic.

 Kool-Aid is also Papa to this adorable nugget.
Gratuitous Niece Pic.

What is the Barkley Fall Classic you ask?
It's a 50K put on by the same guy that does the Barkley Marathons (Remember that Race/Documentary I blogged about a few months ago? Yeah, same guy, same course-ish, but a 50K+ instead of 120 miles). Unlike the Barkley Marathons, you can just log on and sign up to race the Fall Classic, which is what Kool-Aid did. 

From the race sign up page:
if you are one of those people who have followed the infamous barkley marathons over the years,
and had this secret itch to get a taste of those trails and that experience; this is your chance. it will not be easy. the trails are many of the same trails featured in the original Barkley. the core race is roughly 31 miles (with about 20,000 feet of elevation change)
Piece O' Cake, eh?

Anyway, when we got to the finish line, only a few people had finished the 50K. There was an option of doing the "Marathon" finish (which was more like 30+ miles long) and getting an official finish for that or for doing the entire 50K (which was more like 35+ miles long). We settled in with our snacks and our dogs and waited and cheered on the finishers.

Yup, Leo was on top of the picnic table.

The guy that parked next to us finished the "Marathon" and was eager to chat. So, we talked to him for a good bit. He gave us some good descriptions of the race and the course and also scared us a bit, by telling us that he saw some people who were pretty bad off along the course. He also told us about Rat Jaw.
From the AWESOME Barkley Marathons Resource that is Matt Mahoney's website:

Rat Jaw in April.

Matt Mahoney's Description of Rat Jaw:
 Rat Jaw climbs 1000 feet in 1/2 mile under some powerlines and past some abandoned coal mines. The ground is covered with mats of cut-down sawbriers. In some places there is a downed powerline that can be used as a climbing rope. Otherwise you have to climb with your hands, and the thorns draw blood. 

The guy we were talking to said it took him 2 hours to get up Rat Jaw. TWO HOURS OF THAT SHIT!!!!!

The entrance to the field where the finish was.

The dogs were getting a little antsy, so we decided to walk them around a little bit. We were making our way back to the car, when I heard some people clapping and then I heard The KoB yell: GO KOOL-AID (well, he used his name, not his nickname. obvs). I started running over to the car to get my camera and made it just in time to get a terrible pic of his backside as he finished.

Yeah.... Skilled photographer, I am not.

 He was covered from the waist down in mud.

 But, aside from that... looked pretty damn good!

He finished the "Marathon" and was definitely a little disappointed that he didn't finish the 50K. But, I think his disappointment was quickly intercepted by being glad that he was done and realizing that he would be back out there next year to finish the 50K.

How'd you get so damn dirty, Kool-Aid?
"I fell and rolled 20 feet down Rat Jaw."

We walked over with him to our car and he asked about showers. We weren't sure, but The KoB jokingly mentioned that there was a creek through the woods. And I guess a trot through the woods was nothing compared to what he'd just gone through, because Kool-Aid immediately started walking through the woods.

He came back a couple minutes later a little cleaner.

He told us about the race: falling down Rat Jaw and later seeing someone fall off the side of one of the hills and seriously jacking up his ankle. He said after getting up Rat Jaw, then you have to CLIMB A FIRETOWER, just to get your bib punched and then head back down it. He told us about the part where you run THROUGH the prison. THE INSIDE OF THE PRISON and into a dark cell to get your bib punched.

Brushy Creek State Penitentiary
Closed in 2009.

He also told us about how frustrated he was that he missed the time cut-off for the 50K at the last aid stop. He told us how unimaginably hard the race was. And when The KoB asked what he could have done to train better, Kool-Aid said... Run more hills. 
It's one thing to hear everyone talk about how hard the race is. It makes you think of things that you've done that are hard and you try to compare it to that. To have something to relate to. But, when he told us that he now has NO interest in trying the Barkley Marathons (the 100+ mile race, which he has always wanted to do), that's when it sunk in to me that this thing must have been just ridiculously hard. Kool-Aid said it was the hardest physical day of his life. 

Kool- Aid shared a post race retrospective email from the Race Director yesterday:

Words of Laz:

because that is what sports, and life, is all about.
we never achieve great things by setting small goals.
and success is never guaranteed;
it must be earned.

congratulations to everyone who had the courage to answer the starting cigarette.
respect to anyone who faced down the big rat, and got a finish....

and my hat is off to the special few who *EARNED* the cross.

to those who failed (even the ones who lost their nerve on the way to the starting line)...

the only thing more impressive than finishing a race like BFC
is returning from failure,
and doing what it takes to achieve success.

if it was easy, what would be the point?

Pretty inspiring stuff.

It makes me think about The KoB and Kool-Aid. These two brothers continually push themselves physically. The KoB has completed Leadville 3 times (once under 24 hours!!), he's ran a 2:47 marathon, he's ran at least 2 miles everyday for like 5 years or something (including the day after his sub 24 Leadville finish). And Kool-Aid has Thru-hiked the AT and ran ultras, including this Barkley Fall Classic Marathon. And it's like.... DAMN. They are inspirations and proof that if you work hard and put your mind to it, you can do hard things.

But then it's also like... what in the everloving fuck is wrong with these two brothers?? 

Congrats, Kool-Aid! We'll be there next year to see your 50K finish!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is supposed to be a running blog...

Let's chat a bit about my running. It's finally starting to feel a little better. Not GREAT, but not awful either.

Teetering, if you will.

I've been able to let go of the guilt of having to skip a run, because of work commitments, but I do still feel guilty when I skip a run out of laziness. Which... is the balance I've been looking for.


Most of my runs are short and slow, but, that's okay. 
I did run a beer mile a few weeks ago. And while my crown has been gone for a long time now (I think I've lost the last 3-4 that I've done), I've officially retired from the sport. Not because of my ego... but, because of my body. For the first time in a beer mile... I threw up and had to run a penalty lap. So... yeah, I'm officially announcing my retirement. I'll henceforth enjoy my beers and my running nonconcurrently (not a word apparently? Whatevs. You know what I mean.)

Beer Mile finally got me.

And while I puked on my third lap (without being ANYWHERE NEAR CONTENTION of winning, mind you. Girls can drink and run in this town, these days). The KoB schooled all the dudes and came out as the overall winner.

Smug son of a bitch.

 Anyway, that's kind of an update on my running lately. I'm averaging less miles a week than I'd like and I'd prefer to be running longer long runs... but for now I'm happy to be progressing along.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekend Post

This past weekend was a car show that The Kob and I go to. My dad enters his 56 Chevy.

Sara Ruth.

My Uncle enters his 1961 Chevy Apache 10 Truck
  Name: Unknown.

And The KoB of course, enters his 1977 Corvette.

It was a beautiful fall-like day. And we had a blast walking around and checking out all the cars, as well as people watching. Hella good people watching at a car show.

My Brother went, and another one of my Uncles showed up with my Aunt, so, our crew was stout.

For the second year in a row, My Uncle's Truck
won 1st place in his division.
On Sunday, I went to the park to meet up with Melissa bitch for some easy miles. It was cool and absolutely spectacular.
And then on Sunday afternoon, The KoB and I went to the driving range. It was the KoB's first time and even though he only has one club (He's a lefty), it seemed that he had an absolute blast. And I REALLY enjoyed being better than him at something (while that lasts, at least). 

And Sunday evening we met up with his brother and sister-in-law and our adorable little niece.

It was a fantastic weekend. And from the looks of my calendar, it looks like great weekends are just going to keep on coming for awhile.

(We won't discuss Cocks Football. Life as a Gamecock is never easy. But, I'm still proud).

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Brooklyn Bridge

A few weeks ago, My mom and I went to NYC for a long weekend. She had never been! It's my favorite city, so it was fun to get to "guide" someone around. Particularly someone who is game for anything and has no problems walking 14 miles a day.

 Empire State Building

The High Line
(My favorite place in NYC)

 My favorite beer!

View from The High Line
Billy's Bakery
Each night we stopped at a different bakery and got dessert
and breakfast for the next morning. We tried Magnolia (least favorite),
Billy's Bakery (pretty good) and Buttercup Bakery (the best by far).
We rode the subway to Brooklyn and then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, down
to the Freedom Tower and The 9/11 Memorial and down to Battery Park before walking all the way back up to our hotel on 31st.

Having a snack in Battery Park.
Grand Central Station
Farmers Market at Union Square
Brooklyn Bridge
 South view from Empire State Building

North View from Empire State Building

My mom with the best veggie burger in the city:
Quantam Leap.

Our hotel elevator was ridiculously slow.

But our hotel room was perfect.
Hotel Chandler, highly recommend.

Nice bathroom, too.

Snapchat video.

Grand Central Station

We had a fantastic time. It's a great thing to get to spend so much time and experience a city like NYC with my mom. I will treasure the memories of it always. Thanks, mom! Love you!