run, rest, eat, bitch, buy things, cross-train, blog, repeat.

Cast of Characters

The KoB:

Boyfriend, bad-ass, running partner and pacer, Sensai, hug-post, shares my love of alpacas and beer.

Loves traveling and racking up a marathon finish in every state (me too!), has done wayyyy cooler shit than me and never complains about my never-ending questions, my vegan cooking, or my MUCH slower pace.
And... he's so tough he doesn't even smile.

Leopold Bloom:
Most Adorable dog in the world, adopted from Humane Association in March of 2013.

Loves sticks, ice, being a muskrat, likes to run after spending 1.5 miles pissing on and sniffing at everything.

 Likes to give you the Sarah McLachlan "ASPCA" eyes when he's not getting his way.

Winfield True: 

Found as a Stray in May of 2015. Brought into the wolfpack immediately.

Has eyebrows, a nub tail, and wiggles for days.

 Also has no personal space boundaries.


My Racing Team and BFFs.

Enjoys bourbon, traveling for races, schooling bitches, and just generally being awesome.
Also enjoys coordinating outfits.

The men in the bitches lives.

Likes to kick ass in races and puts up with the bitches.Cause we are awesome, duh.

Sonsabitches in Cali. Bosses.

Comes up with training plans for me that have gotten me PRs in basically every race distance. Puts up with my bitching and moaning and never complains about me wanting to run ALL THE RACES ALL THE TIME.
Also, enjoys bourbon as a recovery drink.


Mom, Dad, two older brothers. Enjoys traveling, drinking, and spending time together.

Shows up to my races and doesn't complain about the long days.

Also enjoys bragging about our Castle in Scotland.

Running Partner Steve:

Most longest standing running relationship. Running together since 2009. Has put up with me slow, fast, hungover, whatever. Listens to me bitch and whine at a time in the morning when most sane people are asleep.

And gets better photos than me when he's pacing me.

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