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Monday, November 17, 2014

Trip Report: Gainesville, Florida

Go Cocks!

This year's Tour of the SEC Stadiums brought us to sunny Gainesville, Florida. The first noteworthy thing of the trip happened on the flight down to Jacksonville. Famed golfer, Mr. Brandt Snedeker was not only on my flight from Nashville to Jax, but he helped me get my bag down as I was getting off the plane. Thanks, Brandt!!!

Class act.

And, that wasn't the only professional golfer sighting at the airport, my friend Dustin had texted that Jim Furyk was on his flight, so as I waited for Dustin to deplane, I saw Jim Furyk and his wife come off his plane. Jeff's flight from Atlanta contained no professional golfers. Womp, womp.

Back to the real reason for the trip: FOOTBALL. I wasn't sure what to expect of the town of Gainesville or UF's campus. But, I didn't expect that most of the trip would afford me this view:

Seriously, I have never experienced the most awful traffic.
And I'm not just talking game traffic. Traffic the whole
weekend was ABSURD.

After spending an hour in the car on Friday driving to dinner (UMMMM SERIOUSLY????!?). We decided that we needed to leave early on Saturday morning to secure our tailgating spot for the early football game.

Tailgating when you all fly into town isn't very glamorous.

We made the most of the early game time by grabbing a fast food breakfast and 32 oz beers.
Keeping it classy. 

Big ass beer and coffee.
Breakfast of champions.

It started off a little chilly, but warmed up to the 60s for game time.


Finally, it was time to make our way to the stadium for the game.

And after an absolutely CRAZY game where I spent the first 5 minutes of the game cheering my ass off, the next 54 minutes of the game cursing our quarterback, and the last minute of the game in regulation and all over Overtime praising our quarterback... we won!

In shock.

After the game we walked around the stadium to check out the Steve Spurrier statue.

Swarmed with Carolina Fans.

 Couldn't resist a photo op with the gator.

Overall, it was a fun trip. We had a great time catching up and the Cocks won, so it doesn't get much better than that.

Next year: Missouri.

***** While I was drinking and watching football on Saturday, a couple of bitches were in Cali running marathons, that they both BQed. Congrats to Cheryl and Coach!

And on Sunday... Liz became an Ironman at Ironman Arizona!!!!! Her boyfriend kept us all updated with pics, videos, and updates throughout the race and I was thrilled, proud, and inspired when I watched the video of her crossing the finish line!!! GO LIZ! You rock!!!!

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Carina said...

I went to high school in KC so a lot of my friends went to Mizzou so I'm especially looking forward to next year's update. The only place I remember and can recommend in Columbia is Shakepeare's pizza, but that rec is more than a decade old...

Meredith said...

I once had a goal to visit all the big ten schools as the Buckeyes played them, but I've only been to Illinois and of course Ohio State. I've got a long way to go if I want to reach this goal. Plus the Big freakin' Ten keeps adding teams!!!

CB said...


Coach B.