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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 3 Review

 It is never too late to be what you might have been.
                                                      -- George Eliot

Holy crap. I'm already done with week 3. I think that's the worst thing about marathon training: it makes time fly by. One day you're thinking... awww shit, I gots all kinds of time before the race and then the next week, you're like holy shit, the race is in 3 weeks! It's scary.

Anyway, this week in running, truthfully, kinda sucked. The following was noted in my running log, each describing a run from this week:

Sucky Sucky Sucky.
Fucking sucked ass.
Horrifically boring.

Yay!!!! Marathon training!

Now for the details.

The fast: Repeat of last week. 6 total miles with 3 miles @ 8:45-8:50 pace.
The long: 12 miles.
The total: 45 miles.

So, the tempo run was really, really hard. I managed to run the 3 miles at 8:34, 8:34. and 8:48. But the "sucky sucky sucky" from above came from that run. I just felt like crap.


I did my long run on Friday before I left town and while parts of it felt amazing, parts of it felt awful (mainly all the uphill parts). I went to Percy Warner Park and ran to the 6 mile marker and then turned around and ran back. Surprisingly, I kinda liked that route. (Skipping 9 mile hill always makes for a better run. However, running the backside of 3 mile hill is RIDICULOUS). 

On Sunday, I managed to drag my ass out of bed in Lexington and run the most boring out of town run I've ever had. Our hotel was in a weird area and there were very few sidewalks (none along the main road), so instead of running an out-and-back (my favorite run), I had to ziggity zaggity all over a neighborhood.
 The arrow is where I had to run off in the woods for a potty break. Ugh.

Week 3 sucked. But, it's over now.

Edited to add: Pay no attention to that elevation profile. I was not running up and down mountains, the scale was ridiculously small, like a total range of 20 ft or something.


Jason said...

You should have said you were in town. There are some really nice running routes around campus and the Chevy Chase area.

Carina said...

I'm glad that elevation chart doesn't have a scale. I'll just assume it's a range of 10-15 feet from top to bottom, and then I won't feel like Dallas training leaves me at a huge disadvantage for hills.

Amy said...

Jason: Yeah, I was told to run the Arboretum at UK, but I opted to sleep in more rather than drive to campus. Hangover Fail.

Carina: Thanks for mentioning this! I totally didn't realize that I had cut off the scale. I edited the post. As much as I'd like to proclaim to be a badass running killer mountains, that was not the case.