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Friday, November 2, 2012


Some random shit that I'm into these days...

The apple ginger flavor is my favorite by far. They taste like an apple oatmeal cookie. DELICIOUS. And healthy-ish.

I haven't bought new socks in YEARS. It's actually the next thing in my running wardrobe that I'm going to upgrade. But, it's funny, I've had to sacrifice one sock from two different pairs in the past couple of months. And I was sad. Socks make for expensive toilet paper, y'all. BUT, it's like the universe is putting BETTER socks into my life to make up for those sacrificed pairs. I've recently gotten two pairs of Swiftwick socks from races (schooling bitches has it's perks) and I LOVE THEM. I'm going to buy a few more pairs. Plus... bonus...the socks are made here in Middle Tennessee.

So, the truth is, I'm new to the vitamin/supplement world. I used to be one of those people who thought they were a waste of money that you literally just flushed down the toilet. But, over the past few months, I've started to realize that while my diet is pretty dang healthy, when you eliminate certain food groups in their entirety, you might be missing some things. After talking to the woman at my local health food store, she convinced me that I'm not getting enough B vitamins and probably zero B-12. So, she set me up with a regiment of B Complex pills and B-12.

And something wonderful has happened... I've started taking one B complex pill in the afternoon along with my other usual suspects:

And then at night I take an additional Holy Basil pill before bed and I've started adding a B-complex pill and you know what? It's so much easier for me to get up in the morning. It's like I can't fall back asleep even if I wanted to. BRILLIANT.

I should note here that you should ask your doctor before you start taking random vitamins/supplements/minerals. I have my yearly doctors appointment on Monday, so I'll see officially where all my numbers are at.

It's your basic "you dumped me, and I hope you regret it some day, but you probably won't, because it's just an urban legend, that people sit around a year later and are like... hmmm.. ya know.. that girlfriend last year... I shouldn't have broken up with her." Anyway... it's good shit. Not like Taylor Swift break-up shit. But good break-up shit.

Speaking of Music...
Stubborn Love by the Lumineers
Scroll to :50 in the video to start the song.

I am obsessed with this song. I cannot stop listening to it, singing it, thinking about it. 

You bitches into anything worth sharing lately?

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Carina said...

I've been into B12 for about a year. Should check out the holy basil too...