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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 7

You cannot use someone else's fire. You can only use you own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that have you it.
                                                                                          Audre Lorde

Whew. So after a seriously awful week 6, week 7 turned into a really, really, good week. My legs felt great, and I easily (ish) completed all my runs for the week.

BORING, I know.

The details:
Fast: 8 miles total with 4 miles at 8:45
Long: 15 miles

My tempo run was probably one of the easiest workouts I've had in a long ass time possibly ever. The miles clicked along and I felt fantastic. After I was done, it felt like I'd just jogged leisurely around for 20 minutes or something. SPECTACULAR.

The Long, I ran 15 miles and felt pretty damn good. One thing I'm noticing lately is that it takes me a LONG ass time to get warmed up and in a groove. Not sure what that's about (need to fit more yoga in?), but it's kinda annoying. It's like after 30-45 minutes that's when things really start clicking for me. WEIRD.

For the week I finished up with 59 miles. Here's a tip, if you have to run 11 miles on a Sunday to get your planned mileage for the week, and you're in a different city, and you have a friend volunteer to run part of it with you... DON'T GET YOUR FRIEND DRUNK THE NIGHT BEFORE. Because she will be too hungover to run with you and it's going to be too dark to run by yourself in a different city when your boyfriend goes for his run with his fast friends, so you'll have to run 10.5 miles on the goddamn treadmill in the hotel. OMG, I wanted to slit my wrists after about 1 mile.

So, despite that sour end to the week, overall, the week was really good. I'm getting my runs in easily and feeling good. This week marked 16 weeks out from the marathon. Holyfuckingshitballs.

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