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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Run

This post may seem in bad taste, as my experience with Hurricane Sandy was a pretty "cushy" one in comparison to millions of others. But, I want to say that I mean no harm and am not a cold, heartless bitch (well, at least when it comes to my favorite city, NYC. The jury is still out otherwise). If you haven't done so already and can spare anything, please consider donating to a local charity in an area that was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Need some ideas?

Food Bank for NYC
Animal Care and Control of NYC
Tunnel to Towers Hurricane Sandy Relief for Staten Island

So, last weekend, I accompanied the KoB on what we thought was going to be a short trip to Boston. (So quick that I knew I wouldn't really have time to hang out with my BFF, Lauren. But, another trip just for that purpose will be planned soon. Promise). To be completely honest, I am like the worst person with the weather. I grew up in a family that never took cover during tornado warnings or stocked up on bread and milk before a predicted snowpocalypse. My mom, sweet as she is, is like the stoic evolutionist/survival of the fittest/we're only as strong as our weakest link leader of our family. Fall down and are bleeding and oh shit, is that a bone poking out of the skin? Nahhhh.. my mom would say... nothing a little peroxide can't fix. I mean, seriously. I never had a fever growing up. BECAUSE SHE WOULDN'T LET ME. Anyway... all this to say.. I have grown up to think that NOTHING can get me down. No sickness and surely no epic weather system. Hurricane/Smurricane. Weather forecasters always oversell that shit, right?

Uhh... except... they don't. I mean, 95% of the time, they do... but that 5% can be a real bitch. I had heard a little bit about Hurricane Sandy, but I completely wrote it off. A hurricane? No. That's not going to happen.

Anyway... our flight home got cancelled and so we were stuck in Boston for another day. Which, you think... ooooo fun... extra/bonus/vacation day. Except, no. Everything was closed, the satellite was out in the hotel (THE HORROR), and finally, after staring at the KoB for like 3 hours in our room, I dragged him out to walk around in the swirling winds and rain. I AM SUCH A FUN GIRLFRIEND. Full disclosure, we walked like a mile and then saw a cab and took it back to the hotel. PANSIES.

Anyway... let's back up. So, there was supposed to be a 5K that we were running on Monday morning, but in the expectation of the storm, it was cancelled. Yay! We can sleep in, etc. Uh... Wrong. We decided to run the race route anyway.


Now, I've ran in monsoons, extreme heat, cold wind, snow, up mountains, down mountains, and everything in between. But, this was unlike anything I've ran in before.
As soon as we stepped outside, I was like... what the hell am I doing? It was windy and misty. And as we got further from the hotel, and closer to the water, it got windier and wetter. Finally we made it to some beach that the race was supposed to take place along and there was a causeway that went out onto the water and... yeah... WE RAN ACROSS IT. WTF? The wind was unbelievable and the water/mist/rain was pelting so hard that I thought the wind had picked up sand and was throwing it at us. I ran with one finger in my ear to protect it from the wind and water (Sorry, Mom! Total wuss move).

To make things MORE fun, the people we were following got LOST (I just assininely assumed that they were trying to run extra. But, WTF? Who runs extra mileage during a hurricane?), they eventually stopped and let us catch up and were all.. "have you seen that statute where we're supposed to turn?" YES YOU DUMBASS, IT WAS ABOUT 1.5 MILES BACK. So... we ended up running about 8 miles in a hurricane.

Survivors. (Still dumbfucks).

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