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Thursday, March 1, 2012

12th Week.

Does anyone really give a shit about these weekly recaps anymore? I mean, if I were reading my blog, I would totally skip over the graphic. Numbers? Blargh. At this point, I'm posting it more as an archive so that when my Coach ditches me I'll have something to go back and look at to try and base further training off of.

You already know about the race. What you don't know is how I celebrated AFTER the race, by getting DRUNK. You see... for these 12 weeks, I've been dilgently putting in my training for next week's big race. But equally important (and too often neglected by others) is the training for the celebration that will take place post race. Just like in a race, you don't want to crash and burn in your celebration. So, Saturday early evening I met my coach Tanya and Cheryl for some "celebration training." Lots of beers later, I had a friend come out to meet me at the bar and when he realized that he was wayyyy too far to catch up he suggested we rent a movie, to which I suggested we stop so I can get a bottle of wine. We stopped at the liquor store and I picked up a $20 rioja. (WTF? I'm the only drunk person who suddenly becomes a wine snob. I should have bought a $5 gallon of yellowtail shiraz at this point). And approximately 3 minutes after I downed a glass of that wine I was passed out on the couch until it was time for me to go home. CRASH AND BURN.

Lesson learned... Stay at the bar. And probably take a nap before you go out for the night. I'll be good to go next week. Afterall, I have quite the celebration PR to live up to... the last time I PRed a half marathon.

In other RUNNING related news.... I discovered that I LOVE mile repeats. Or at least I did last week. I like the fact that I've got a mile to settle in. When I do 800s, I always start off too slow and then spend the last 200 meters running for my life. With 1600s... I have time to set the cruise control and chillax.

Another week down.


Carina said...

I'm sure your coach will say the same thing, but you've got to watch your speed on those repeats. Of course you can go faster, and awesome job on the negative split, but the goal times for the repeats are there for a reason... You know all this. Either way, it paid off!

April said...

Woo Hoo! You rock! I just re-read your last half PR post from 2009 and I have say that drunk posts are the best. That was freaking hilarious.

Katie said...

snort. oh amy, you crack me up.

J said...

Another great week! Do you find running 6 days a week easier than trying to fit all that mileage into 5 days??

Tanya said...

OMG. Look at your intervals the week before that old PR: "4x800: 4:05, 4:03, 3:56, 4:05"

HA HA HA HA HA!!! Holy shit everyone!! Amy's going to school bitches into oblivion!

And then, Blotto Central.