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Monday, February 27, 2012

Race Report: Judicata 10k

10 things from a 10k.

1. Ummm... if you're going to race on hills, then you should probably train on hills.

2. Forgoing your typical healthy, boring, granola-y hippie food the 3 days before the race for pizza, buckets of chips and salsa, and a dosa the size of your head is not the best way to get into "race shape."

3. Wearing headphones during a race won't drown out Mister Huffy Pants who is clearly running his way into an asthma attack (or possibly cardiac arrest), so you're going to have to school him, otherwise he will literally be breathing down your neck. Literally. Breathing down your neck. Gross.

4. PRing at a race is pretty damn fun. (new 10k PR, 51:23... old 10k PR, 54:14).

5. I've started to take one leg out of my cocky britches. My race pace this weekend was about 3 seconds per mile SLOWER than I have to run next weekend. Fuckity McFuckerson!

6. I love my coach.

7. I hate the hills at Percy Warner Park.

8. When I was running a downhill or a flat.. I felt great! But those hills, man. They tore me up. I thought I was going to vomit TWICE during the race.

9. I realized at precisely mile 2 that having a goal to run sub 50, was a touch delusional optimistic.

10. PRs make me look like a deranged psychopath:

Strung out on endorphins....


Katie said...

bwahahahahahaha. you look amazing. hills are rude.

LAPT said...

I looooove your gloves. :-) GREAT JOB ON THE PR!!

Carina said...

Major props on the new PR!

Jeff M said...

Nice job on the race! Awesome pic...professional photographer?