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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lucky 13

Not going to lie. This week was tough and I was tired. And I started to let Mister Self Doubt creep around. He started lurking after the 10k the previous week (the 10k that is ridiculously hilly and should have no bearing on my confidence for this week's goal race) and he chased me for a bit during my intervals on Wednesday and made me run too fast, which made me feel awful during my intervals for the first time in weeks. And Saturday, he popped his head in when I had a hard time getting to 8:15 and staying there during my long run.

But, I'm optimistic and independent and have made the decision to kick his sorry ass to the curb. He should go bother someone else for awhile... someone who hasn't put in the effort. Because you know what? I am physically capable of breaking 1:49:54 on Saturday. I've spent the last 13 weeks getting to this point. Saturday's race isn't something to be nervous about. I'm ready.  

So, instead of being a brooding, grumpy, ball o' stress this week... I'm going to chillax. And I'm going to have faith in myself, my training and my team.

Thanks for listening to my pep talk to myself. GO TEAM!

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Carina said...

I'm excited for you and I KNOW you've got this!