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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, I lost the first weight loss challenge that Vandy-Montana and I had a few months ago. But, I've thrown down the gauntlet again and this time... I'm guaranteeing a win.

Last night was our weigh-in and I am sad to say that it appears I've gained a little weight since the results of the last challenge. As in... like everything I lost. My optimistic side says... "ohhhh you've just gained some muscle!" But the realistic side of me says... "Yeah, that's what consuming 15 beers in one night for a drinking competition will do." It's true. I haven't really been watching my diet too much since the marathon. I would be really good for like 3 days in a row and then I'd blow it on the weekends, etc. Ehhh... whatev. I'll lose it.

But, since I've already made it my mission to get my ass into gear this summer... this just coincides nicely with that as an added incentive.

I learned a lot from the last competition. Looking back... I realize that I was eating wayyyyy more carbs than was necessary. It's easy to get it into your head that if you're running 50 miles a week, it's okay for you to eat loads of oatmeal, cereal, pasta, rice, and potatoes. But, it's actually not. Sure, I need carbs, but I don't need more carbs than anything else. I need to balance my diet better.

So, the plan is... to amp up my lean protein intake. I never even thought of protein last time around, but I know that it's good for muscle recovery and I know that it will help me build more muscle. That means more fish, more egg whites and less oatmeal, less cereal. Also, I desperately need to lower my sugar intake. Which, admittedly, is the hardest thing for me. Then there's also the alcohol aspect. I'm officially off beer (well, except for a trip in June, where there will be beer consumed), so that should help some. For me, losing weight is almost entirely dependent on my diet. Sure, exercise helps... but I can exercise all day long and I still have to eat healthy to shed pounds.

As far as exercise goes... the plan is to continue running (obviously) but to slowly inch my mileage up throughout the summer. I also plan to stick with my strength training in order to tone up... with a big focus on my upper body and my core.

So, I've taken a "before" picture for this time around. I tried to pick out clothes that were a little tight on me, so that we can better gauge progress at the end. In addition to noting my weight, I've also taken measurements of various parts of my body. (Obsessed this time around, ya think?)

I hope you enjoyed that beer and cheeseburger after the St. Louis Marathon, Vandy-Montana... because the tab's on you this time, sucka.


maria k said...

good luck with the weight loss plan! i am going to try to drop a few pounds this summer too...its just so hard to lose when training...i totally fall into the trap of feeling like i need/deserve 2500 calories of carbs a day : ) i look forward to reading your progress!

Spike said...

this time VM is going down, balanced healthy eating will win the day, even if you sneak in a beer every now and then. of course, this is more of a 'do what I say not what I do' moment because I eat like crap every day.

Jill said...

Hope you win the challenge! In case you need a good way to track caloric intake...I use this site ( it is free and will give you a good idea of how it's going!!

May you kick VM's rear this time...

J said...

I have started eating more protein too and it really seems to have helped! Good luck with this challenge i am sure you will rock it!

Vandy-Montana said...

I don't like this Spike character...

I have a couple of things working against AND for me:

Against: I think you have gained more weight back than I did. Also, I'm not there to talk you into going out and getting trashed all of the time.

For: I'm working outside doing ranch stuff=more exercise for me. Also hitting the gym. Chasing a two year old around. Hopefully eating better.

I weighed in and had gained almost 5 lbs. since our last weigh in. I'm determined to lose 12...

StangLuvr said...

I lost 10 pounds while training for the CMM before I was sidelined with the ITB issue. I have gained it back over the past 3 weeks due to 12 to 24 beers every weekend. I have to lay off the beer to lose it again. But I like my beer.

Amy, I started the 100 push ups and 200 sit ups challenge that you talked about a while back. Week 1 of sit ups and Week 4 (had to start there) on push ups is in the books.

Try protein shakes to help you get more protein. Maybe 1 a day to issue you are gettng enough protein. I think I am going to look into it once I put my Bud Light down!!!!