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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are we done yet?

I am really sick of walking into my bathroom and seeing this:

You see that? You see all those insoles that are OUTSIDE of the shoes? You wanna know they are outside of the shoes? Because they are wet. Also, please note, that I actually only have one pair of active shoes. (The red ones on the front right). All those other pairs? Old shoes that I've had to pull out of retirement because of all this rain. And by "all this rain" I'm not exaggerating (for once!). We've had 5.97 inches of rain since May 1.

Saturday morning, I had planned to run a route that I hadn't ran in months... the Team Nashville Half Marathon route in Goodlettsville. It's an awesome route that starts in the park that I grew up playing in and then meanders out into a couple of nice new neighborhoods, a golf course, and then some beautiful countryside complete with rolling hills and cows. It's awesome.

I failed to think about how 5.97 inches of rain would affect this route. I roll up to the park at 7am. Ready for my run and this is what I see:

I failed to remember the freaking creek that runs by this park... UGH. Completely and utterly flooded.
And then Sunday (a beautiful day, actually), the golf course was even flooded:
Yeah, there's not supposed to be water on this hole.
We've had 3 days now of no rain. So, I'm grateful for that. But I think rain is back in the forecast tomorrow evening. Awesome.


J said...

Wow thats alot of rain! My jaw dropped when I saw those pictures!

Vandy-Montana said...

I'll trade you some rain for these 30 mph winds I ran in yesterday...

Spike said...

you could almost dive off the park bench into the river. But you would probably break your neck. Such is the price you pay for 30 second of 'coolness.'

Anonymous said...

Omg, I thought it was bad here (Baltimore-DC). I'll just stop complaining right now. Thats crazy!!!!