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Friday, May 15, 2009

Bears, Bare Butts, and Bourbon... oh my!

What do Bears, Bare Butts, and Bourbon all have in common? (Aside from the snazzy alliteration?).

Contrary to what you're thinking right now (that this is going to be a trip down college memory lane) they're basically the only locked in races I've got on my calendar for the rest of the year.

So far, I've only got a few FOR SURE things:

Next Race: Scenic City Trail Half Marathon: May 23 (I couldn't come up with a fancy dancy 'B' word to describe this race).
Next Marathon: Grizzly Marathon: August 1.
5k: Running Bare: August 8.
200 mile Relay: Bourbon Chase October 9-10.

There are a couple of other races on my radar:

Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon: November 22.

StumpJump 50k: October 3. (Yes. I am considering running this 50k the week before the relay race. Yes, I am insane. And yes, if I don't run the 50k this year, I will for sure do the 11 mile race).

I'd really like to cross another state off the list this fall/winter, but, it's a tough task. Basically, the applicant for my fall marathon must meet the following requirements:

1. Be in a state I have yet to run a marathon in. Which means... TN, GA, OR, MO, MT (assuming I actually finish the marathon in MT and not get eaten by a bear or attacked by a rattlesnake) are out.
2. Be in a state that is within reasonable driving distance of Nashville or be in a state where I have friends or family or family of friends (or hell, even acquaintances of friends or family would suffice) that I can stay with to cut down on lodging costs... those states include: KY, NC, SC and one wildcard state (since my friend Jeff is moving from Baltimore in the next couple of months to a location yet undecided. And don't think I'm not lobbying for that state to be one that I haven't ran a marathon in, who cares about his future? I've got a 50 state goal I'm working on).
3. Be on a date that allows me to run all the previously mentioned races.
4. Not be in the state where the race that I am saving for my last ditch BQ effort in 2010: Rocket City on December 12. Which means, AL is out.

I've considered knocking Ohio off the list with the Akron Marathon on September 26.

Maybe I'll forgo the Monkey Marathon for another year or two? It's not an easy race and it kind of throws all November marathon possibilities out the window.

Luckily, I've got a little time to figure it all out... any suggestions or advice, as always, are welcomed.

Holy crap. I just google mapped Akron and it's 7.5 hours away.... oy. I think that might be OUT.


bb said...

There's the Louisville Marathon:

They haven't posted the date yet...I've read mixed reviews.

Jill said... are going to wear yourself out! Stump Jump, and the Monkey? You will be posting "how to waste your legs fo-ever." After those two...ouch.

Seriously, Columbus - 6 hours. I may go by car. It's my BQ attempt. But, maybe a carpool event. (You can email me offline if you like.)

Louisville is a good one but like bb says, mixed reviews. They wait til the last minute every darned year...blah.

Spike said...

wow, you are doing some awesome races, and the Crazy Monkey Marathon souds difficult and beautiful.

J said...

The 200 mile relay sounds like fun...maybe not the same week as a 50k though! lol Looks like a fun list of races!

Anonymous said...

Be careful w/ a 5k the week after the marathon -- be kind to yourself!

Meredith said...

Don't do Akron. I've heard it can be harder than Boston. It is HILLY! If you're coming to Ohio, run Columbus which is FLAT, FLAT, FLAT. Or head up to Cleveland to run Towpath which is very tiny, but again FLAT, FLAT, FLAT!!!