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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Still here and Ranting...

I'm still here. Just in that weird spot of not a whole lot going on.. so, not a whole lot to blog about, ya know?

I did get an AMAZING raise at work this week, so, that's something I'm really excited about. It was a huge leap of faith for me to leave my comfortable job in public accounting- job where my dad was my mentor and my boss and gave me so many opportunities and taught me so much. But, it was definitely the right move for me, at the right time. I am doing a job now that I love with a great team and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I miss working with my dad and my brother, but, I'm having a great time at my current job and learning new things and making an impact here. YAY for change!

 Celebrating needed!
Warning: Slightly political rant ahead... tread lightly or ignore if you could give a fuck what I think and are only here for the gifs and cute dog pics. Come back tomorrow, I'll have some cute dog pics.

I have been incredibly angry of late about the Orlando mass shooting. I was angry that it felt like... ohhh... ANOTHER Mass Shooting. I was angry that I wasn't just unbearably shocked and saddened. I am fucking mad. I mean, of course, it is an absolute tragedy, and I am sad, but, HOW HAS THIS BECOME OKAY? HOW HAS THIS BECOME THE NORM? How was I able to read the news and watch the coverage without bawling my eyes out? I am an empathetic person, I AM! There are a lot of great things about this country, but my god, there are a LOT of fucked up things. And, I have no problems with people owning a gun for hunting (although... I'd prefer they didn't) and while I'm not thrilled about it, I'm OKAY with people being allowed to own a handgun. But for fuckssake, why do people need to able to legally purchase a semi-automatic weapon?

And don't give me that bullshit answer of... "oh, well if they were illegal, there'd be more of a market for them." We make things illegal because they are WRONG and/or Dangerous. For instance, it's illegal to drive drunk because you can fucking kill people. Do people still do it? Of course, but that doesn't mean we should just make it legal. All this to say... I'm so sorry that this has happened. And I am so embarrassed for our country that we continually allow this to happen- in part, because a lobbying group has our politicians by the balls. It's fucked up.

I am sorry Orlando, I can't even imagine how horrifying that was/is.

If you're interested in a better rant than I can write, check out Samantha Bee's rant.


Gracie said...

I give up. When an idiot slaughtered a schoolhouse full of six year olds and NOTHING HAPPENED, I gave up on any meaningful gun control bill ever passing.

Carina said...

Agreed. We have guns at home (my husband is required to carry one), and they're not for hunting, they are for range shooting and self-defense. Yet I fail to understand how there aren't universal background checks for all sales, and limits on the types of guns/ammo. You're exactly right, just because laws won't stop all the crime doesn't mean we shouldn't have laws.

It's funny, Trump almost makes me more pro-gun: I think the need to defend ourselves against the government may become a lot more real (though I guess as American born non-Muslims, we might be a bit lower on his list of people to attack, but it's a slippery slope, he might want to take down all liberals and we fall in that category...).