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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stay Hydrated

So, it's been hot, ya know? It's summer and it's going to be hot and humid and your pace is going to slow down by 15-30 seconds per mile and you just deal with it, right?

We've had some hot mornings and for the most part, I've done okay with them. I've been actually doing well with drinking water during the day and most of my runs have manageable.

Until today.

Steve and I were running along and it was hot and sticky and humid and gross. But, that's all typical. By amount mile 3, I was starting to feel... not normal. And of course, we had ran 3 miles out and turned around, but, initially, I was like... yeah, okay, I can make it 3 more miles. No big deal.

Until I couldn't. It was ridiculous. I had to stop and take walk breaks, I got that dizzy, black out-ish feeling and I felt like I wanted to throw up. By the end, I had gotten the cold chills, so, I knew I was just dehydrated as fuck.

I ran yesterday morning, too, and sweated a ton, and I just don't think I rehydrated enough to make up for that AND get me ready for today's run.

Anyway, when I got home, I checked out the dew point. The temperature outside was 80 degrees and the dew point was 71. GOOD LORD. With a dew point that high, I'm not sure if completely water logging myself the day before would have helped. That is just ridiculous.

Running is stupid. Be careful out there folks... drink enough water and carry water with you (something I need to do more).

And now, because I promised yesterday... Recent adorable dog pics:


Gracie said...

It's 82 with a dew point of 69 right now and - it's 9 at night. And it is a remarkably pleasant evening. Summer running sucks!

Carina said...

I'm with ya! I had a lot of trouble this week, and I thought maybe I un-acclimated a little because it was only in the upper 60s when I ran in Cleveland last weekend. But I think it's more likely what you said -- there's just no good way to deal with this $hit. I'm holding out hope that our humidity will drop a bit in a few weeks, it sometimes does in July. But of course the temp also goes up. At least right now sometimes our overnight low will be in the 70s, instead of 80s.