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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 1 Recap (Five Day Reset)

So, the first day was a huge success!

(Not pictured the cup of coffee I had with heavy cream and stevia when I first woke up).

 I started the day off with a juice from a juice place that is super close to my office. I always get the same thing: Mean Greens. It's got jalapeno in it, so it's spicy. So good. (All veggies, no fruits).

Then I had a mid-morning snack, which, honestly, I'm going to get rid of moving forward. When I was healthiest, I went right through the morning without a snack and just had a good lunch. So, hopefully this will be the last of the "morning snacks." Today it was strawberries and dollop of sunbutter.

I'm really trying to focus on eating healthy fats. I think more than anything, fat keeps me satiated.

In an effort to try to break my coke zero/diet dr pepper fix, I've been drinking a crapton of green tea.

 So, for my lunch (that looks disgusting in photos, by the way), I prepared a huge pot of quinoa and steamed kale and a big pan of roasted sweet potatoes over the weekend to make my lunches with. So, this is spinach, quinoa and kale, roasted sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, and a squirt of Bragg's Liquid Aminos (which I LOVE) and a little container of guacamole (no weird ingredients in it). I mixed all that together and it was DELICIOUS and filling. Healthy food can be really good food. Sometimes we forget that.

I caved around 3:00 and had a coke zero. Womp Womp. And (not pictured) a little bit of sunbutter. Holy Crap that stuff is delicious.

Also not pictured, I had a vega protein shake when I got home and made dinner. (Just mixed it with water).

And for dinner, (why does my food always look disgusting?) we made an egg scramble with squash, a small potato, onions, and garlic. And then I ate mine on a bed of spinach with salsa. It was DELICIOUS.

A great first day, moving forward, I'm going to try to eliminate the morning snack and just eat it with my lunch and I probably don't really need the protein shake before dinner, unless I'm just incredibly hangry.

I went to bed feeling good and had a great night's sleep. Looking forward to day 2!!

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