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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where I'm at.

So, I have marathon at the end of November. Which means, I am trying my damnedest to get into shape. This is not an easy feat. So far, I am up to a 10 mile long run. Terrible? No. But, also not exactly where I'd like to be.

But, that's okay. It's more important for me to get to November, healthy and able to run the distance. Unlike other attempts at rebooting my running.. this time I REALLY WANT IT. Like, I find myself wanting to run (well, at least up until the point where it's time to pick up my legs). And, I've gotten so far away from where I was that speed doesn't matter to me anymore. Which is actually super freeing.
I know that speed will come back with consistency and fitness. So, for now, it's just about getting out there and putting in a decent effort.

I'm feeling good. I think committing to the weight watchers thing last week and has done wonders for my general well-being. Instead of bumbling around HOPING that I'm losing weight, I now have a clear path and am working towards the goal. That feels amazing. I am hoping that I can shift that confidence and positivism into my running in the coming weeks, as well.

In other news, this weekend, The KoB and I took the dogs to the River. It was a great weekend, even if we had to have our water turned off on Sunday morning because of a leak in the well.

Snapchat. My addiction.

Luckily, we had about 10 minutes to fill up as many vessels as we could with water before it got shut off. It was like camping... except inside. 
We also watched 6 movies. Including this pick from The KoB:

Meh. It wasn't terrible.
Liam Neeson as a hillbilly was pretty interesting.
Also watched Cloud Atlas (I hated it), The Adjustment Bureau (Liked), Railway Man (Liked), The League of Extraordinary Gentlement (Fun), and Gravity (Liked).
Even if we don't do much while we are there, its still incredibly relaxing and fun to get away. We also get to sleep in a little when we are there. Although, with 2 dogs, that is not as easy as it used to be. Before dogs, this was our mornings:

 The cat being me, and the dog being The KoB.
That dude can sleep in like nobody's business.

And now, it's more like this.
Dogs be all up in our business.
Also, I wanna know the story behind this gif,
the dog is adorable.
Winfield alarm clock.
There are worse things to wake up to.
How was your Labor day weekend?

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