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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Brooklyn Bridge

A few weeks ago, My mom and I went to NYC for a long weekend. She had never been! It's my favorite city, so it was fun to get to "guide" someone around. Particularly someone who is game for anything and has no problems walking 14 miles a day.

 Empire State Building

The High Line
(My favorite place in NYC)

 My favorite beer!

View from The High Line
Billy's Bakery
Each night we stopped at a different bakery and got dessert
and breakfast for the next morning. We tried Magnolia (least favorite),
Billy's Bakery (pretty good) and Buttercup Bakery (the best by far).
We rode the subway to Brooklyn and then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, down
to the Freedom Tower and The 9/11 Memorial and down to Battery Park before walking all the way back up to our hotel on 31st.

Having a snack in Battery Park.
Grand Central Station
Farmers Market at Union Square
Brooklyn Bridge
 South view from Empire State Building

North View from Empire State Building

My mom with the best veggie burger in the city:
Quantam Leap.

Our hotel elevator was ridiculously slow.

But our hotel room was perfect.
Hotel Chandler, highly recommend.

Nice bathroom, too.

Snapchat video.

Grand Central Station

We had a fantastic time. It's a great thing to get to spend so much time and experience a city like NYC with my mom. I will treasure the memories of it always. Thanks, mom! Love you!


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Carina said...

That's awesome! I'd love to do a trip like that with my mom, you may have planted an idea seed.