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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Lake Auman, NC

After 11 straight years of drinkfest locations where we had to spend at the very least 30 minutes in the car to get to any civilization (except that one year in Myrtle Beach), my main requirement with finding a house to rent this time, was that it was close to a grocery store and that it had something to do ON SITE.

Enter this amazing (and cheap!) lake house outside of Pinehurst, NC. (Somehow I have no pictures of the actual house. But trust me, it was really nice). It was so nice to roll out of bed and not have to get into a car to find an activity for the day. All we did we walk a few steps downstairs and to the lake.

This is how I had my morning coffee.

It was glorious. We laughed, we talked, we argued, we got drunk.

Day 1, our floating cooler was a plastic bag with ice on a paddleboard.

The lake was spring-fed so it was crystal clear and really
shallow at the dock.

We all tried paddle-boarding.
Meh, I didn't find it that fun or challenging.

And Jeff (who will KILL ME if he finds out I posted this video. That's what my friends get for not reading my blog. I'll post embarrassing videos of you on the interwebs) drunkenly thought that he could use a float as a paddleboard. Thankfully, I recorded it.

Please disregard my hyena laughter in the background.
I could not stop laughing.
(and even now break into a fit everytime I watch the video).

At night we either cooked at home or went out. One night we stayed up late playing cards against humanity. Our friend Pony (a nickname that goes back 14 years or so) brought his girlfriend for the 2nd time and she fits in seamlessly with our raunchy crew.

"Dem Titties" was her best win of the night.

And the other nights we just stayed up talking or watching American Ninja Warrior (which is surprisingly addictive).
Day two we wised up with a legit cooler on the dock.
 We did have a little rain on Saturday.

But, thankfully, it didn't last too long.

All-in-all it was one of the best Drinkfest's yet. The only way it would have been made better was if The KoB had been able to go, but sadly, he had a work travel scheduling conflict.

Already counting down till next year!

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Gracie said...

I want something called "drinkfest" in my life, and I don't just mean Wednesday nights.