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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Holiday Weekend

At some point... we will get back to regularly scheduled running and blogging. Hopefully some point very soon. In the meantime, you will have to just put up with my weekend review and trip posts.

Not that anyone really cares.

The KoB and I made the holiday into an EXTRA LONG weekend, by taking Monday off work, as well. We drove down to the River on Friday after morning runs and spent the entire weekend there. It was glorious.
We realized Saturday morning after cracking our first
beers of the day that we opened
Mexican beers on July 4th.
Bad Americans.

This is how the boys spent the entire long weekend.

 On Sunday, The KoB's family came out and brought 
the cutest little munchkin with them.

The KoB was on babysitting duty for awhile.
Which basically consisted of him trying
to keep her away from the road and the grill.
Thankfully, he succeeded.

We spent quite a bit of time engrossed in MarioWorld.
SO FUN and addicting.
We also watched a ton of movies (the weather wasn't all that great this weekend). Wait, let me clarify that... a ton of TERRIBLE Movies.
Such potential.
But overall, pretty terrible.

Both Predictable and Terrible. 

I thought two of my favorite things to watch in movies:
Drugs and Penelope Cruz.
How can it be bad?
I was wrong. Very wrong.

Definitely not terrible.
But, I'm not sure I got what all the
hoopla was all about over this movie.

OMG. The worst of the lot.
At some point in her career, Jamie Lee Curtis just became a set of boobs.
Like, if she's in a movie in the 90s, you better believe her boobs are on full display.
I guess I shouldn't complain.
That was the best part of the movie.

Even terrible movies couldn't put a damper on the weekend. It was fantastic and much needed. Hope everyone else had great holidays!


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Gracie said...

We had crappy weather,too. Oh well, the beer was still good.