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Monday, June 29, 2015

Love Wins

Friday afternoon I was floating around in Auman Lake in North Carolina with my best friends from college. We were on our Annual Drinkfest trip and we were relaxing, laughing, drinking, and catching up.

One of our friends who was late arrived with his girlfriend. They yelled at us from the dock to get our attention that they were there. After announcing their arrival, they yelled... Did you hear the Supreme Court Ruling????

We all cheered upon hearing and toasted the decision that night over dinner. I have to admit, I'm a little sad that I wasn't hooked into the media (or the world, really) when the ruling came out. Because, damn, what a historic and beautiful thing. With so much hate going on in America, I wanted to be apart of the LOVE that is finally being accepted and respected.

So, I realize I am late to the party on this post. But, I couldn't just let something so wonderful and historic go without being mentioned.

 I tear up everytime I watch this.
Love wins.

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