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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Regularly scheduled posting will resume shortly...

April 15th has come and gone.

I spent Saturday-Wednesday morning in Arizona for work.

My set up while I was there.
Yup, that's a folding chair.
When I was working my laptop was actually higher than normal,
so my shoulders were killing me after about 10 minutes of typing.
I spent one 15 hour and two 13 hour days right there.

 The drive into the "office."

The view out the window of the office.

The last day I was there, one of the 
office workers brought in her puppy.
So, that was a definite morale booster.

The trip was fine and while it included very long hours in a folding chair, the work was easy. It was really hard being away from my office the week of April 15th. I had to catch a 6:15am flight out of Phoenix on Wednesday morning just to be able to get back here in time to wrap up extensions and last minute filings.

I'm pretty exhausted. And normally, April 16th, our office is closed, but I have to work to catch up from being gone. Blarg.

In other happenings... My knee was feeling much, much better until I drove for an hour on Tuesday night. Something about the position of sitting while driving really jacks it up. So, I don't know. I did manage to jog a few miles on the treadmill one morning while I was away and it felt OK. Not great, but OK.  

Aside from work, I've had kind of a rough go of things lately. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, I can't really complain too much... but emotionally I am a mess. In the past couple of weeks, I've had a tragic experience with a stray dog on the side of the road (I didn't think quick enough to stop immediately, so, I had to go to the next exit to turn around and loop back, and I didn't make it time. Heartbreaking. I still can't even really think about it).

And late last Thursday, my phone started blowing up with texts/calls from my best friends from college. One of our friends and brothers (we were all in an honor fraternity and guys and girls referred to each other as brothers. weird, I know) committed suicide. And while, I haven't seen him since I graduated college almost 13 years ago, it still hurts and breaks my heart. Taking your own life because you feel like that's the only chance you have to be at peace, is the most tragic thing I can think of. I'm so sad that he was in that place.

I'm sad and tired and stressed and I just really need something happy and good right now.

And lucky for me, there is something on the agenda.......My brother is getting married this weekend!!! So, that is exciting. It's the first wedding in my immediate family, so, it's a pretty big deal. And weddings are always such a happy occasion, I'm excited to get to celebrate it. And even though they've been together something like 10-12 years, this whole thing does make me feel like I'm officially gaining a sister, which is nice. I always wanted a sister. 

I'm ready for this dark cloud of sadness to get booted away and I am sure that a weekend surrounded by love and family is just the ticket.


Carina said...

Sorry about your brother (who died), and very excited about your brother (who's getting married). It sounds like April 15 being in the rearview mirror, plus a wedding weekend is exactly the recipe you need right now.

Gracie said...

Rough week for you. Glad you have a bright spot to look forward to, and some relaxation after the busy season.

Dolly said...

I am so sorry for your loss. We can never rationalize suicide. I would give anything to tell my friend one more time how much he meant to all of us. I lost him in October of 2012, as time has gone on I'm still trying to come to piece with it. Again I'm really sorry.