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Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Friday!


Some Updates:

My knee is still fucked up (from falling last week). Not like, I need a wheelchair fucked up... but, fucked up enough that stairs and hills and running fast (relatively speaking) still hurts like a bitch. 

I ran a race last Saturday, which was DUMB DUMB DUMB. My knee killed me and I should have turned around at the one mile mark. But, instead, I pushed through the pain (sodumb, so very very dumb) and finished. I can't say that my knee really slowed me down all that much, honestly, I probably ran faster, cause I was trying to get done with the damn thing so that the pain would stop.

If I could avoid stairs for like 2 days, I swear, it would better. Hopefully I can make that happen soon.

Still plugging along at work. The next week is going to be pretty hellacious for me. But... the good news is that time goes by fast when you are busy, right? RIGHT.

Have a great weekend guys and I am looking forward to Tax Season being over and having more time to dick around on the internet and blog!!!!


Gracie said...

I feel like that rabbit, except at least he has bright accessories to improve his work environment.

Carina said...

Can you ice it at work? Maybe that will help. April 15 is in sight, congrats!

Nikki said...

Ugh, this is such a crazy time for anyone involved in taxes/fiscal year end...but you're almost there!! Think of all the funny gif's and Buzzfeed articles waiting to greet you at the finish line :)