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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Good Things in Life

The only good thing about sadness and stress is that it really makes you appreciate the good things in life.

My Brother got married in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Saturday. 

It was small, intimate, rainy, and just perfect.

My dad accidentally hit the shower faucet instead of the foot faucet after the ceremony.

Every photo of me I'm either like: WTF or flipping the picture taker a bird.

The KoB was rocking some kind of beach gang sign with his pants.

And also double fisting the booze. Classy.

And at the end of the night there was a group "family shot" of the family booze (Famous Grouse, if you're wondering). Which, I sneakily was able to get out of as the Designated Driver. That stuff is... STRONG.

During the day of the wedding, The KoB and I enjoyed an hour or so riding go-karts and spending $30 at the arcade playing skeeball and basketball.

Even the 8 hour ride down and back was enjoyable. All-in-all it was a great trip and a great celebration. I've never seen my brother so happy, which was the best part of all.


Gracie said...

You know your family is awesome when you have a family booze. Congratulations to your brother.

Carina said...

This gave me warm fuzzies. So nice seeing those you love and have been part of your life forever at their happiest. And that sounds like such a fun wedding! The pic of your dad was funny. And to echo Gracie, a family shot means you're automatically in the coolest 5% of the country.