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Monday, April 6, 2015

March- Vain Amy Report

So, March.

Yeah, well, let's start with the good news. The good news is I didn't GAIN any weight. Which, seems like a victory, since it was my lowest running month in... probably years? (I'm too lazy to look this up) and I wasn't diligently counting calories like I should have been.

When I stepped on the scale at the end of the month, I was actually pretty thrilled that it was unchanged. So... Victory!?

As far as my reading goes, I didn't finish a book in March (womp, womp), BUT, I am in the middle of like 4, so, I'm hoping for a big April book/page total.

And videos... apparently, I made a video in South Carolina when I was drunk that night, but I don't remember doing that and I am also too afraid to watch it (is there anything worse than hearing/seeing your drunk self on video???), so... I'm counting that as a fail, as well.

I have been doing well with my skincare regime, though, and I feel like my skin is looking better all the time! So... Yay?

March is always one of those months where I find myself saying... Ohh... I'll start doing that after April 15th. And it sucks, because I'm one of those people that is always trying to start a new something... habit, hobby, training schedule, etc. So, I feel like my life is on hold for Feb-April. And, I kind of feel guilty even blaming tax season this year, because, if I'm being honest (I'm about to jinx the shit out of myself right now). Tax Season for me this year has been.... pretty mild. I mean, I've been SUPER productive when I'm at work, and most days, I'm working at least 10 hours a day. BUT, I haven't had many late nights or worked much at all on the weekends. I think I've finally learned how to juggle multiple projects and how/when to do my work the most efficiently.

That being said, I have high expectations for April (even though it does involve 2 weeks of tax season and some travel). I bought a new yoga dvd and a dvd that involves using a treadmill and weights. I plan on doing the yoga 5 times a week (it has a 15 minute option) and the other dvd hopefully at least once a week (its only 30 minutes) and I'm hoping to be able to up my running a bit. And I am going to crack down on my eating and start counting calories again. (There are a lot of "ands" in that paragraph).

The ship hasn't gone completely off course, but it's time to route it back to center.


Carina said...

I've never been a calorie counter, but I think I should start.

Gracie said...

Eh, March sucked for me, too. The only good thing I did was totally cut out alcohol, because...lent. So there was a marginal calorie decrease.