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Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Recap

I've lost count.

We are experiencing what can only be described as an Iceapocalypse right now in Nashville. It's kinda awesome, because since I am the only person in my office that lives within walking distance that means that I'm the only one here which means LOTS of great things:
1. The coffee pot is ALL MINE.
2. The copier is ALL MINE.
3. No one is interrupting me every 3 minutes.

You add all those things together and holy moly I am getting a TON of shit done.

And it's equal parts not awesome, since I'm the only one here I have to answer the office phone and tell people... "yeah, you know how you stayed home from work because the roads are so icy... yeah, so DID EVERYONE ELSE."

Anyway, I'm taking a break from my awesome working streak, because I can't be TOO productive. That's just not right, y'all.

As you know, I decided to stop "training" for the Pig, which sadly, did not just automatically make my runs instantly better. WTF? You also know that I skipped my speed workout for the 2nd week in a row. LOSING! But, I did manage to get in a teensy little Marathon Pace run on Friday before my long run on Saturday morning.

I was all psyched to run 19-20 miles on Saturday, but I finished the day with 15. What the hell? And no, I'm TRYING to run the Hanson marathon method here, it's just that's the furthest I could go without wanting to throw myself into the Cumberland River.

In other weekly news... Saturday was a big day. It was mine and The KoB's 2 year anniversary and mine and Leo's 1 year anniversary! Crazy.

There were plans of dinner and dessert (basically the same as every Saturday, haha) and dog park. But unfortunately someone got food poisoning from a convenience store sandwich (it wasn't me, which is surprising, because I had the egg salad sandwich) and instead of gorging myself on Jeni's ice cream... I was off to CVS (where I did buy myself a Butterfinger Egg). The traditional 2nd year anniversary gift isn't Pedialyte, but The KoB sure got a lot of it anyway! There is definitely a re-do Anniversary/Dogiversary planned for this weekend.


Coach Bitch said...

Aaaaghhh! Those dogs! Can't stop looking at it!! Someone help me!!

Gracie said...

I think Pedialyte is third anniversary. Second anniversary is traditionally Pepto Bismol.

Amy said...

Just the smell of Pepto Bismol makes me want to barf. Blech. I'm glad we skipped that and went straight to the Pedialyte.

Anonymous said...

Those dogs are awesome, so funny.

Damn that corn beef sandwich !! ugh


Amy said...

it's a rare day that the egg salad is a safer bet than corned beef. Rare indeed. woo.