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Friday, February 28, 2014

State of the Union

I actually don't really consider myself all that stubborn. But, when it comes to running, I find myself very hesitant to CHANGE things. When I was a runner who didn't care about my time, it took me a LONG time to start caring. And now that I do care, it's taking me a long time to realize that maybe burnout is right around the corner.

Wednesday nights the KoB and I meet up for a run. It's one of my favorite runs of the week... because... well.. OBVIOUSLY. But, also because there is no way in hell that I would get out on a Wednesday night and run on my own. So, it's like bonus time and because it's right smack dab in the middle of the week, it usually turns into a therapy run. (I call it therapy, The KoB probably thinks of it as... obligatory listening to girlfriend bitch run). This week, I texted him and was like... Let's do my workout tonight and of course, he texted back... Sure! (I added the exclamation point).

We started the run and I was just not feeling the workout AT ALL. Despite that, we ran over to the track and I was like... okay, let's just run a lap on the track and see how I feel. We started the lap and I noticed how incredibly beautiful the view was of the Nashville Skyline from up there. Because it's winter you can see so much more and the time of night and the lights of the skyline... it was just so dang pretty. We ran off the track and up onto a hill to check it out even more. We then found a little path and jogged around it and ultimately I bailed on the workout. Normally, I would have felt a huge amount of guilt. But, I didn't feel any guilt at all. I felt relief.

So, in an effort to keep this from getting dramatic-y (It's just running for chrissakes!)... I'll stop there and just say I've decided to take a break from "training" and just stick to "running" for a little while. That while may be a month, six months, or hell it could even be 2 weeks. I'm still going to run the Pig and try to run it as well as I can on whatever fitness I have at the time. And I will still be running a lot (HELLO Grand Canyon trip in Mid-May), but I'm just going to relax on the set workouts and set mileages.

Coach has been nudging me in this direction for awhile. And I've been too deaf to really take it to heart. It's a scary prospect for me because I've been targeting Boston 2015 and if I putz around this spring, then I might only get one marathon shot before registration starts and holy shit, that's just a pressure packed nightmare situation waiting to happen.

Thankfully the Boston Marathon has been going on for 117 years so, I feel pretty good that there will in fact be Boston Marathons for years to come. And even if I did continue training right now is there a guarantee that I will get my BQ in May or before Registration opens?


So.... yeah. There it is. I'm going to just run to run and see if I can't get my mojo back.

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Gracie said...

I feel just like that about the Boston Marathon. I did it once and yes, great experience, but it will still be there in a decade if I want another try. No reason to try to go every year! (I also almost feel like it isn't fair to go all the time, even if you qualify all the time, because others are waiting to get in - I have a weird sense of fairness.)