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Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 3 Workouts

A good thing happened in Week 3: I mentally committed myself to the Flying Pig Marathon. Annnnd I am starting to get excited about it. Inspired, even!

Diving right in, bitches.

Although, I am NOT grooving with this weather lately. I mean, I realize, that I complain about the weather probably 85% of the time. So, this isn't anything new... but, it's starting to affect my running. NO MORE, people. NO MORE. It's time for me take my cranky/pansy pants off and just get my running done. HTFU (as The KoB would say).

The Workouts: 
3xMile repeats at 10k Pace

Mid-long run of 8-10 miles with 30-40 minutes at Marathon Pace.

Ideally, these would be done on Tuesday/Thursday. In reality, I am a lazy fuckwad and I skipped running altogether on Tuesday. So, I did them on Wednesday/Sunday.

The Mid-Long run I did on Wednesday night and I had The KoB run them with me. My garmin is whacked out, so, we just did these timed and by "effort." And hot damn, they felt pretty fucking fantastic. Now... some might say... that they felt that good because I had taken Tuesday off... 
Actually. You're probably right. 
But, I am choosing to believe it's because I'm awesome, instead.

The mile repeats... I thought about doing them on Friday morning. And then I chickened out and I put them off until Sunday morning. The day AFTER my long run. For the second week in a row, I've pushed a workout to a sunday. WTF?

I ran over to the park and the first one felt like someone had strapped 200 pounds of lead to my calves. It felt like I was crawling, and I was totally going to quit when I finished the first one, but then, I thought... well... I can do one more. And as soon as I started the second one, it was like someone flipped a switch on... I felt like I was flying for those last two. It was a Sunday Post Long Run miracle. 

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JMH said...

I agree this weather is no good. Saturday was my first long run outside in a while. I can't hang in the cold. I get bitch lip (when your lip starts to quiver before you cry). :) Good that you got it done.