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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Business of Blogging

Or... alternate title... My non-business of blogging.

Over the weekend I received an email from another running blogger. First, let me say that I LOVE getting emails from bloggers, readers, etc. I average about .0003 of such emails a month, so, when I get one, I get very, very excited!

I opened the email and read it. The emailer said they liked my blog (obvi) and then briefly described their blog and asked if I would check it out and if I liked it, if I would post a link to their blog on my blog. Blog blog blog.

Uh. What? First of all, my blog seriously has about 10 regular readers. Of those readers, 1 is my boyfriend, and there are like 7 others who are friends of mine in real life. My mom doesn't even regularly read my blog anymore. Trust me, by having a link to your blog on my blog, you are not going to get anymore traffic. Furthermore, the people's blogs who I do link, are friends of mine or awesome runners that I am jealous of. (And in most cases, both. I'm still waiting for the Best Friend invite from Kris Lawrence).

Anyway, the email just kind of set me off. I realize that this probably happens a lot in that whole "blogging business world" (Whatever the fuck that is). But, clearly, this grammar butchered, mostly written in passive tense, gif-riddled blog is not a "business blog." THANK GOD. And I honestly don't care who links to my blog or reads my blog, or whatever.

Which got me thinking... why do I waste time on this blog then?

1. Well, of course, a big part is flat out narcissism. I like me. I like writing about me and I hope you like me and like reading about me!

2. It's like a dumb diary/detailed training log. 

3. It gives me a reason to collect gifs and share them with my friends. (This is actually moving up to #1).

4. As embarrassing as it is to admit... I actually enjoy writing and because I can't finish half of the bazillion short stories I've started, this gives me a chance to practice "writing" and finding my voice and all that writing bullshit.

Do I want this blog to turn into my full time job? HELL TO THE NO. I enjoy working and I enjoy being able to write whatever the hell I want, when I want. I do not envy full-time bloggers at all.

Do I want this blog to get me a book deal? HAHAHAHAHAHAH. About what? gifs? about being a mediocre runner? Uh. No thanks. A book of my shitty college poetry? or a book of incomplete short stories? Still, no.

Do I want this blog to get me free shit? What? Like janky protein powder, stupid race themed jewelry, or a vitamix? No thanks. Full disclosure: I did once receive a case of Pom juice in the mail. And then I drank them and didn't blog about it.

I don't mean to pick on this person who emailed me. They may have an absolutely amazing blog and they could have very pure intentions of just trying to meet/find other like-minded bloggers. But, I haven't checked out their blog and I probably won't because it just feels so... icky.

File this under: A regular Tuesday night
between me and The KoB.

So, I don't know. I'm not even sure why I wrote this post. I guess to remind myself why I enjoy blogging. Sure, I love meeting other runners and bloggers. But, I have no interest at all in doing it for "networking" purposes.



Redhead Running said...

I never understood why people would send messages like that or post in comments with a link back to their own blog. If I like what you commented I will obviously go read your blog and if you write a half-way decent, mildly entertaining blog I would almost always follow.

Any way, keep on keeping on cuz I love your gifs. :)

Amy said...

Redhead: Okay, good. I was beginning to think that maybe I was in the minority and an asshole. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that thinks that's weird. Thanks for the input!

Carina said...

Haha, well, I might include a link if it was for a free Vitamix! Anyway, you were the first running blog I think I started loyally reading because I love the voice you've found. I'm glad you blog because you get sole credit for two of my all-time favorite running experiences: Hood to Coast (you wrote about Bourbon chase, which was the first relay account I read) and of course the beer mile (still the only account I've ever read and you know how jealous I am of your beer mile event logistics). Your writings frequently bring a chuckle to my day and/or inspire me to push myself or consider new events. I'm just not into most business blogs, even if they're runners. If you like an item of clothing, you bought it and I don't think you have some ulterior motive in telling readers that. And if I like a water bottle, I'm happy to tell you about it in a comment but not because I got it for free and want to get something out of it myself. Business blogs just lose a lot of authenticity in my mind. Keep on keepin it real.

Amy said...

Carina- Lucky for me... no one has offered me a vitamix, so, I haven't had to actually field that situation. Little blogger problems.

You've been reading and commenting forever! I love it! Thanks!

Gracie said...

Kris Lawrence won't best-friend me either, weird! Even though I faithfully stalk all her race results!

JMH said...

I think you are funny. I tried to comment earlier and I think I sent you an email. Oops... No matter. You are hilarious.

Keri said...

I have always thought that people that leave their blog link in a comment are being desperate for attention.

I like reading your musings because they are real and often things that I think or say or do as well!

Dolly said...

I can understand your frustration with someone wanting to "pimp" their blog on your platform. I had a similar incident happen to me. I wonder if it was the same guy (male) that emailed you.

It's interesting how the blog world works. Some bloggers find instant success. Others toil away anonymously for years. I also blog (duh). It started out with grand intentions. I love to talk about running and my friends are probably tired of hearing me talk about running. But, Maybe if I write about it, vendors can send me free goodies.... It turns out I'm kind of embarrassed by my writing and I don't enjoy sucking up to the big bloggers and putting random comments on their blogs for click bait.

I'm proud of myself for not selling my soul to Skinny Runner and asking her to pimp my blog, when she used to feature Cat lady bloggers.

Anonymous said...


Gah that Llama makes me laugh.


ps: yolo

Amy said...

Oops. I got a little behind here in responding to comments and now no one probably cares... but...

Gracie: We should start a Kris Lawrence fan club. that might be creepy.

JMH: thanks!!!

Keri: Thanks and I agree... it just feels desperate and icky. Blech.

Dolly: Me TOO! When I was first reading her and kinda liking her (I know!) I briefly considered submitting my blog for the cat lady blog thing. I AM SO GLAD I NEVER DID. I feel forever unclean just admitting that I considered it.

jr: one of the few people in the world that can distinguish a llama from an alpaca. bobracha!

AMP UK said...
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Anonymous said...

Agree completely. (shit I can't even remember my password to open up my lame blog, it's been so long)