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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Rest of Week 3

The rest of week 3 was filled with easy runs... blah blah blah. Who cares?

My 15 mile long run was on Saturday. And, Saturday just happened to be my 34th birthday. HOLY SHIT. In honor of my birthday The Striders had a training run Saturday morning: the Bongo 2 Bongo 14 miler (Bongo Java is the name of a local coffee shop. We run from one Bongo Java and past another Bongo Java before arriving back at the original Bongo Java. GOT THAT?).

Coach dubbed the run: Bongo 2 Bongo Birthday Bitch Brunch Blowout Run (B2BBBBBR for short, hahahahahahaha). And everytime I saw her on the course she would yell... Birthday Bitch!

I ran 15 miles with Melissa and Liz and felt... pretty decent. I did test a Hammer Gel at mile 8ish and besides the fact that it took me about 2 minutes to actually get the thing down (uh... next time I need to remember to start taking it BEFORE the water stop), I felt no burst/help whatsoever. No gagging, though! So, there's a silver lining.

On the list to try:
Roctane Gu
Caffeinated Gu
5 hour energy/s
Any other suggestions?

After the run, The KoB said... "when you're ready, I've got something for you in the car." At first I was like... wait a minute, I know this trick... but, when we got to his car, he opened the back door and there was a 12 pack of Milwaukee's Best PREMIUM. He even had cups, so I could walk around with the beer. Perfect! And I am now proposing that we end every long run with a recovery beer.

After the beer a few of us walked down the street to a local brunch place, where there were CAP'N CRUNCH CRUSTED FRENCH TOAST AND a Bloody Mary Bar.
Food was delicious, service was excellent. 
I will be back.

There is really nothing I'd rather do on my birthday than get in a long run and go to brunch afterwards with my favorite people.
 Books and Booze for gifts.
My friends know me well.

Add to all that perfection that the day was absolutely beautiful: sunny and in the low 60s. The KoB and I spent the rest of the day nerding it up in Franklin visiting Carnton Plantation.
Although, if I'm being honest, I enjoyed
the tour at The Carter House much better.

Sunday, I had brunch with another friend who shares the same birthday and then I spent the evening with my family to celebrate my birthday. At the end of the weekend I couldn't help but think about how lucky I am to have such awesome friends and family. Thanks, bitches and sonsabitches!!


Carina said...

Ooh, last year I read Night Film. You'll have to let me know what you think of Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Happy bday! Have you thought about trying Honey Stingers gels? I like them A LOT. Even what sound like weird flavors.

Gracie said...

Hammer is actually one that I tolerate very well, but yes - it's only 80 calories, so not really enough for me. Cliff are very thick and make me bark. Powergel are much thinner, so I can swallow it down more easily, but - ugh - so sweet! The reason I like Hammer gel is that it seems a tad less sweet. Every single time I've taken Roctane I've had stomach problems, racing or training.

Meredith said...

Happy birthday!!!!