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Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter-Spring Races

I have spent the last 20 minutes at work looking at race calendars for August. WTF is wrong with me? I am longingly daydreaming about those sweaty runs when The KoB wrings his shirt out and I gag out of grossness. This cold weather is BREAKING ME. There is not enough holy basil in the world to combat this hellacious winter we are having. My spirit is dead.

In an effort to not bitch and moan about the weather anymore (see my training log if you like that sort of thing), I've decided to focus on races that I'm running/racing this winter/spring. I already kind of did this in my New Year post, but it's either a race schedule update or me droning on about how many goddamn layers of clothing I had to put on to run this morning.

I thought so.

*The FOR SURE races are noted in Orange. Coach has full voting/veto powers in all the other races. 

Feb 8- Frostbite Half Marathon
YUP. This weekend. This is going to be a training run. No PR attempt or even a chance of a PR, but it will be a good chance for some honest marathon pace miles. Also, I am going to give the Hammer Gel another go this weekend.

Feb 22- Judicata 10K or 5K. 
I am currently on the fence about this race. In general, I think racing in Percy Warner Park is just about the dumbest thing anyone can do, but I know The KoB is running it and there are probably some other dumb bitches that I know running it, so, maybe I will. Or maybe I will just stand on the sidelines and the heckle the shit out of all the dumb asses who PAID to run those races. (Hopefully the 10k will be the proper distance this year).

Mar 8- Tom King Half Marathon
Another maybe race. I mean, I likely won't be "racing" it. If I run it. It would probably be a training run. .

March 22- Mid-Tenn Shootout 5K.
This will likely be my only legit 5K race for the spring. It's supposed to be a fast course, with lots of fast people. Which means I will likely go out too hard and die. But, it's worth a shot.

I guarantee a PR won't be this easy.
(or this adorbs).

April 6- St. Louis Go Half Marathon
The St. Louis Full Marathon was my PR for like 4 years. I'm hoping to add Half Marathon PR to it's stats. I don't remember a lot of the course, but I think at that point in training, it will be a good time to test my fitness. It is also right in the HEART of tax season. So, even if my legs can't get me that PR, I am hoping that the cortisol pulsing through my veins will propel me.

Me from April 1- April 15th.

April 12- Purity Dairy Dash 10K
Yeah, less than 7 days after the half marathon, I'm probably not going to be able to race. SADZ. But, maybe I can use it as a sort of Tempo Run or something.

May 4- Flying Pig Marathon

Have a good weekend everyone!

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