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Monday, January 6, 2014


This is a pile of all the clothes I had on to walk Leo this morning.
Also, please note, Leo's little coat! Adorbs!

About 90% of the time I am complaining about the temperature outside. I am NEVER happy. It's always too hot, too cold, too humid, too windy, etc. I am a JOY to be around. But now that I have a dog and I am forced to get out in the weather regardless what the temperature is... I've learned that being dressed appropriately makes me much less cranky. doh.

This morning it was like 9 degrees with a blasting wind. So, I wore the following:
long sleeve tshirt
fleece zip up
fleece jacket
rain jacket/windbreaker
yoga leggings
two pairs of socks
tennis shoes
two pairs of gloves

I COULD BARELY MOVE and good lord it takes so long to put all those layers on and take them off. But, I am happy to say that the only things really cold were my face (the part that wasn't covered with the scarf) and my fingers. I'll take that as a win. We will see how I feel about running in 9 degree weather (or colder) tonight. 

In other news... Saturday I ran a long run with my friend Liz. I just knew we had ran 10 miles together, it was so windy and it felt so fast and hard! But when I got home and mapped it... it was only 9. So, all total, I only ran 11 miles (I ran 2 miles to meet her). Boo. 

Also sad? I ran into a fire hydrant on Saturday while running:
The picture doesn't do it justice.
It's swollen, bruised, and painful.

I'm also about 75% sure that I'm going to run The Flying Pig in Cincinnati in May for my goal spring marathon.I would REALLY like to cross off another state with my goal race, but that's my target weekend and unless I want to fly to Wisconsin, Nebraska, or Long Island*... Cincinnati is most likely to win out for it's convenience.

That weekend means that I pretty much have to start kicking up my training this week. Oh fun.What spring races is everyone else running? Are the rest of you venturing out in the cold weather to run or are you running on the treadmill?

*There are other races that weekend as well... but some are some states that I want to run a particular race in (like for Rhode Island, I want to run Newport not Providence).


Carina said...

OMG, that looks like it must have hurt so much when you did it, esp if you were already cold. Holy hell!

Amy said...

Oh yes, it was very cold. So, that made it hurt like 10x worse. Stupid fire hydrants.

Gracie said...

That's, um, a lot of clothes lol. But that's also terrible weather, so pile it on, I guess!
A few weeks ago I was proud of myself for finally hitting ten miles (post-injury)! And yeah, it was only nine when I did the math. So boo. But I did ten the next week.

Amy said...

Nice! 10 miles post injury must feel awesome!

I guess at some point I should start wearing my garmin again, but it's nice not to be a slave to your wrist. Do you wear a garmin/gps other times? or just go by time or routes that you know?