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Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello 2014

Happy New Year!

Mr. Bloom and I got dressed up and celebrated the New Year with The KoB at home. Full Disclosure: The KoB and I did a countdown to 9:35pm. I was fast asleep by 10.

To be honest, I don't really have a full picture of the races I'm going to run this year. And I find that both exciting and frustrating. I almost feel like I'm in race plan limbo. It's not a bad thing, though, because being less rigid about my racing plans opens me up to more opportunities. Blah, Blah, Blah. This is what I'm thinking about for the Winter/Spring:

Tom King Half Marathon on March 8
A PR course. I'm hoping to be in PR shape and take a shot at going under 1:44. But we will see. I'd like to dedicate time to Half Marathon training at some point this year, so hopefully this won't be the only half I run.
Mid Tenn 5K Shootout on March 22.
It's a fast course with tons of prize money, so I expect there to be a pretty competitive vibe. 5Ks are always a crap shoot for me, but depending on how training is going, I'd like to PR.
Purity 10K on April 12.
10K PR attempt.
Rim to Rim to Rim in Mid May.
This has been in talks for awhile and hotel rooms at the Grand Canyon have been booked. SO FREAKING EXCITED! I've never even been to the Grand Canyon!

There will be a marathon somewhere in there at the end of April or the beginning of May. I just haven't decided which one. I am trying to venture out of recovery mode and into "gearing up for training" mode starting this week. Because regardless what race I pick... it's almost time to start adding some miles and workouts to my life.

P.S. Remember all that humblebragging about eating all the things and not gaining any weight? Haha. Well, I jinxy mcjinxersoned myself. This week I exploded. But, I don't give a fuck!


Carina said...

Lol. I was in the same weight boat. And still am -- it TOTALLY caught up with me. It might have been something random like I accidentally swallowed a 5 pound weight or the gravitational pull on our scale got screwed up, but I gained just over 5 almost instantly. Ugh.

Rim to rim to rim sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear about it. Happy 2014!

Gracie said...

Mph, me after a marathon = super skinny for a week or two, then suddenly huge. It's some weird metabolism thing!