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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Training Changes

Full Disclosure: This is me TRYING to get excited about starting training next week. I am hoping that by talking about it on here (and to my coach over emails and to The KoB incessantly) that will get me excited to start training. Yes, I was excited about it a week ago and now I'm not. Welcome to my life.

I trained hard for Baton Rouge. The hardest I've ever trained. But, did I train as hard/smart as I could have?

There are a couple of things that I've decided that I would like to do differently this time around.

1. Emphasize the Marathon Pace Runs.
I was really terrible at getting in quality runs at Marathon Pace. Why? I don't really have a good response for this, except that I'm lazy and by the time those runs rolled around on the schedule, I always made some excuse for skimping on the total mileage or skipping them. Which in turn, gave me an excuse for why I didn't run faster at Baton Rouge. SEE HOW THAT WORKS?  

In trying to come up with a more useful explanation than just "I'm lazy," (which will never change) I've tried to come up to a possible reason why the marathon pace runs just didn't get done enough. I think part of the issue was my Tuesday interval workouts. I always nailed those workouts and probably ran them a bit too fast, which completely burned me out for the rest of the week.
 An accurate metaphorical rendering of my training weeks
for Baton Rouge. In gif format, of course.

Training Change:
To combat this I'm going to try the ole switcheroo. I'm going to start doing my mid-week long runs with Marathon Pace miles on Tuesdays and do my intervals on Thursday. MIND BLOWN. I know it seems so freaking simple, but I think it's the best way to ensure that get those runs in (and don't skimp on them) and hopefully by doing my intervals later in the week, I'll be a bit tired and won't always run faster than I'm supposed to run.

Also, I'm going to try to really focus on hitting the paces I'm supposed to hit on my long runs. Too often on a long run, I'll fall into the trap of... "Ohhhh... I just gotta hit the miles." Well, sure, dumbass, if you just want to finish.

2. Upping my fitness level.
I was in really good shape for Baton Rouge and I want to continue that, but also up the ante a little bit. Enter: trail running. 

It's no secret that I hate trail running at Percy Warner Park. Mostly, because I am a baby and I hate having to stop and walk up the hills. Trail running perfection for me is a nicely groomed trail with no roots or rocks and mostly flat. Sadly, that does not exist within 15 minutes of my house, so, I just bitch and moan about the Red Trail and avoid it at all costs. 

Ohhhh everyone loves trail running at Percy Warner Park.
Ohhhhh... it's so awesome. Let's go trail running at PWP.

But, it occurred to me last week, that the real reason I hate it... is because it's so freaking hard. As soon as I start the trail, I'm huffing and puffing like a mad woman. It's like cardio hell. Which of course means... I should be doing it more. UGH. I hate it when that happens.

Training Change:
For my Sunday Recovery runs... I'm going to start hitting the trails. UGH. Just typing that makes me want to stab my eyes out. But, I do feel like in the long run it will be good for training and probably my heart even if my ego takes a huge hit every week.

Sadly this is probably the one that I am least likely to keep up with, but I'm hoping that by putting it here on the blog, I'll keep on it. You guys should ask me every week: HEY AMY, HOW'S THAT TRAIL RUNNING GOING? 

3. Learning how to fuel.
I've got the gluten free thing figured out. THANK GOD. But now, I need to figure out what the hell to fuel with during the race. I've never had much success with gels and just the smell of shotbloxs now make me sick (plus, who in the fuck designed the packaging for those things? So non-friendly to runners). During Baton Rouge, my body and my head could have definitely used some fuel.

Training Change:
Uh. Find a fuel to use on race day. SERIOUSLY this time. I always say I'm going to do this... and then I don't. This time around, I'm going to find it. 
4 Realz.

It's funny, you think all you have to do is run. But damn, there always seem to be tweaks and adjustments that need to be made to training in order to improve. It's a sick cycle and it's time to get back on track.



Carina said...

Haha, those trails sound miserable! Have you decided what your marathon pace is going to be? I think you were going for 5 or more minutes faster than you needed for BQ before -- are you doing that again, or are you going to go for BQ first and then go for the BQ in all ages? It's probably only a difference of 10 sec/mile or so, but for me that would make a diff in training and in the race.

Amy said...

I'm going to shoot for a 3:39 in May and if I get that, then early fall I'll try for the 3:34.

Gracie said...

Ok, so - I actually used to use oatmeal or rice with a lot of salt, and it worked for me I'd just put it in a tiny baggie and sort of take it like a gel.

Jill Ann said...

I would love to run trains with you on Sunday! And I am slow and I promise not creepyz!

Email me or reply back or look me up in Facebook?

Ps I know coach and she knows me. Hey maybe she can coach me too!

Melanie said...

I know this probably sounds sick, but I sort of miss running the red trail. You'd think living somewhere where every run is flat would be awesome, but it turns out it is SO boring. I was really getting into the trails before moving up here. If I'm ever in town on a Sunday and free I will get in touch and come with you!

Amy said...

Gracie: Wait. Uh. cooked oatmeal? or raw oatmeal? VERY interesting. I've been considering dried fruits, but I feel like the chemically stuff and the sugar in the commercially produced endurance stuff is probably more of what I need. I used to be able to suck down Hammer Gels, I'll probably try to get back into that. Ugh. Gels are gross.

Jill Ann: I'm pretty sure that's EXACTLY what a creeper would say! But, yeah, as soon as I start doing recovery runs on Sundays, I'll hit you up (might not be for a couple of weeks).

Gracie said...

Cooked. I'd cook some quick oats (thick, not runny), and add salt. Or add sugar. Depended on the time of year (in summer I sweat a lot and need salt). I actually ran several marathons fueling this way, even though it's way messy. But I was going through a rough patch tummy-wise and everything else upset my stomach (ok, and I'm cheap. Gels are like a whole $1.50).

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have such nice fur cat. So nice and soft.

Still laughing.


Amy said...

Gracie: Very interesting.

KoB: Dude.