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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Public Service Announcement

A couple of years ago I read this book by Andrew Weil:

It was awesome. And there were two habits that I picked up from it immediately after reading the book:

1. Buying fresh cut flowers every week to have in my home.
2. Taking Holy Basil pills.

The first of those, I have kept up with religiously. It's such a dumbass, simple thing, but I love looking at and seeing fresh flowers in my home everyday.

The second thing, the holy basil, I took religiously for a long time. When I bought it the first time, the woman at the store told me that for her....  it just "took the edge off." At the time, I was kind of stressed out and noticing that I was taking it out in unhealthy ways (yelling at other drivers on the road, etc). And she was right, the Holy Basil did take the edge off. Actually, it more like smoothed the edges. Over time, I switched to taking it at night, because I discovered it would give me awesome dreams and then over the past couple of months, I stopped taking it at all (along with all my other vitamins. I am the laziest, most inconsistent vitamin taker in the world. I HATE having 12 bottles sitting out on my kitchen counter constantly, but as soon as I put them away, I never take any! Ugh). 

Well, over the past month or so, I have also noticed that I have started becoming a RAGING bitch. Particularly at work. EVERYONE/EVERYTHING pissed me off everyday. Clients, Co-workers, Boss.

It was getting ridiculous. And more important than just being a terror to be around, I hated feeling like I was constantly on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Being a bitch is one thing. But realizing you're being a bitch and you can't control it... that's a problem.

I printed out little inspirational quotes and hung them in my office. I tried taking deep breaths and meditating during bitchy moments. I tried listening to music to drown out the idiots in my office who were constantly getting me riled up. NOTHING WORKED.

And then... I remembered the holy basil:
You hear that?
In the background?
That's little holy basil angels singing.
And just like that... I became good ole, regular, totally chill Amy again. Seriously. If you are into the herbal supplement thing and you are feeling stressed out and ready to start doing unspeakable things to people with a cup of hot coffee and a stapler (don't ask) then give holy basil a try.
I get mine at Whole Body and it's like less than $15 bucks. Here's an amazon link for the exact brand I take. 
You're welcome.


coach bitch said...

Okay, I've looked at it like a billion times. WHAT THE FUCK is that thing in the boat?

Amy said...


They are both sloths. Continuity, bitches!