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Monday, January 13, 2014


Ever since adopting Leo last March from the Nashville Humane Association, I have grown such a soft spot for all animals who find themselves in shelters.

My handsome Leo on our first walk together at the Nashville Humane Association.
I signed a few papers and took that sweet face home with me a few minutes later.
Full disclosure: His name was actually Dynomite. He didn't respond to that name and I hated it,
so I changed it after seeing his personality for awhile. Leopold Bloom suits him.

I recently found out about a program that I think is such a fantastic idea and I couldn't wait to get involved. The group is called The MACC Pack (MACC stands for Metro Animal Care and Control) and their main objective is to find forever homes for the animals that are up for adoption at the Nashville Animal Control Center. They do this by organizing group walks/runs and participating in local 5Ks (and Christmas parades). The dogs get some exercise and socialization and some much needed love and affection from volunteers. It's a great way to show the community that there are awesome dogs just looking for a family at your local shelters.

I can't tell you how many people ask me where I got Leo and when I tell them I got him from a shelter, I get looks like... wow... really? He came from a shelter? I'm not sure what kind of animals people think are at shelters, but they have ALL types of dogs and cats. Big ones, little ones, old ones, young ones and in between ones. There are so many different reasons that animals wind up homeless and in a shelter. They aren't reject animals and there isn't anything wrong with them. They just haven't found someone to love them and take care of them as apart of their family.

The MACC Pack just started and at their first race they participated in, they took 5 dogs (the dogs wore adorable little "adopt me" bibs) and because of that exposure, all 5 dogs got adopted!!!!

Saturday was their first organized Group Walk/Run and I showed up ready to give a puppy some exercise on the Mill Creek Greenway that is adjacent to Metro Animal Control.

I had never been to Metro Animal Control and I was super impressed with their facilities. It's a huge building with really nice kennels and the center is clean and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I kept eying the kitten room and checking out the cats through the window. So cute!

After meeting the other volunteers and getting some directions about where we were going with the pups, it was time to meet our running partners for the day! I was assigned a sweet 8 month old mix named Dorsey.
How cute is he???

Dorsey and I ran down to the greenway and started our run. For a puppy, he was actually pretty laid back and was just happy to trot along next to me. I'm so used to Leo stopping to mark every little thing and smell everything little thing, it was shocking to me, how focused and relaxed Dorsey was just running along side me.

It was so much fun! I enjoyed spending some time with Dorsey and I loved meeting other animal lovers. If you have any interest at all in helping out or getting involved check out their facebook page:

or email me directly at and I'll be happy to get you information about the program. They plan on having a regular group run the first Saturday of every month at 8am at Metro Animal Control and are hoping to get into some 5Ks very soon!

Or even more importantly, if you or someone you know is interested in Dorsey or in adopting any dog or cat I urge you to check with your local shelters and if you're local check out Metro Animal Control and the Nashville Humane Association. 

I think the MACC Pack is such an awesome program and I am so excited to be apart of it. Please join us!

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Coach Kitten Room said...

The kitten room! That's where Jackson came from. I think I'm still recovering from the cuteness overload on that day 7 years ago.

MACC Pack sounds awesome!