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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BQ Training Week 6

Otherwise known as... the week where I felt like I was finally over the hump.

Workouts came pretty easy... scheduling was not a problem. Everything finally clicked into REGULAR mode, instead of OMG training mode. THANK GOD.

 It was another step-back week (whaaaat? two in a row? crazy coach, man. She's up to some weird, underground shit with this training cycle). But, it was a step-back in mileage, not in intensity. BOOM. 

Intervals: 1 mile, 2 mile, 1 mile. All around current 10K pace with recoveries between each.
Marathon Pace: 20 minutes MP, rest, 10 minutes MP.
Long: 14 miles steady around 8:30-8:45.

The interval workout was tough, but manageable. Thankfully, I crashed The KoB's workout party and got there just in time for him to run his cool down and help me through the 2nd mile of the 2nd interval. Whew. I needed the boost, I went out too fast on the first one and that second one was rough. 

My marathon pace run was pretty easy. I realized during that run that I have been really negative lately and just irritated by people so much. I have become a judgy mcjudgerson and everytime I started to scowl at the school girls running WITH traffic, I tried to relax and chanted ZEN to myself over and over again. Honestly, this is a real problem lately. I think I've got a Chakra out of alignment or something else hippie dippie going on with me. Arg. ANYWAY, back to running. Since I was generally pretty annoyed with everyone at the park that afternoon what else is new? this run was a piece of cake.

My long run happened by committee. The KoB was sick over the weekend, so I stole part of his posse for my run on Saturday. Truthfully, I get so jealous that he has such a deep pack of friends who run all his paces. He's got faster friends, ones that run the same as him, ones that run slightly slower than him, and then ones who run really slower than him and he is required to run with whether he likes it or not (me). He's always got training partners and while, yes, I have him, my bitches, and Steve... rolling 5 deep isn't really what I would call a "crew." I mean for chrissakes his crew even has an email chain about runs.

Anyway... the run went great. It was a new route for me with people I don't normally run with, so I was able to just kinda lean in and get the job done. I nailed the run and felt really good during and after.

It was the perfect morning followed by the perfect afternoon:

Farm Days at the Alpaca Ranch!

The King of Beasts with the Cutest of Beasts?

It was a good week.

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