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Monday, September 30, 2013


I just want to write up a quick post to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and/or experiences about the Women's races and specifically this particular race which offers an exclusively all male pace group.

I got some interesting perspectives both here on the blog and from friends over the weekend. It seems like some women don't mind the male pace group aspect and then some do. I've thought about it a lot and at times I would think to myself...

Stop taking it so personal!
It's just a freaking race and overall, it's doing more good than bad!
The Pace Team was formed with good intentions!
1st World Problem! Get over it, bitch!

But then 5 minutes later I would go back to being offended by it. And that's okay. I can be offended by it and just choose not to run it. No big deal. I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks it's bullshit, though.

To add a bit of irony to the whole thing... apparently (I've only heard about this from someone else who heard about it, so if you know more accurate details, let me know), the lead runners in the race on Saturday were led off course by the lead bike official. (Something that seems to be happening a LOT these days). I think they ended up running 16 miles or something? Anyway, the ironic thing is that the race only allowed female bike officials. I guess, a guy that knew some of the lead runners offered up his services to be the lead biker (claiming to know the course well, etc) and was turned down because he was a male.


Anyway... on to happier news of the weekend...
Congrats Kiplagat!
Drink up, man. 
Thanks again for the comments!

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Melissa said...

That beer looks amazing and I think its safe to say its well deserved!