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Monday, September 9, 2013

BQ Training Week 3

The theme of this week was procrastination. GOOD GRIEF, if this scheduling bullshit continues I will have a nervous breakdown in a couple of weeks.

So, let's talk a little bit about my overall scheduling for this training period.Generally it's supposed to look like this:
Mondays & Wednesdays: Easy. Ideally, I'd like to run a few easy miles with my dog in the morning and then 6-7 easy with The KoB in the evening. Coach has suggested that 2 a days might not be good for my workouts on the following days, so I'm trying to figure out how to juggle that advice with keeping my dog happy and getting to spend an hour or so talking The KoB's ear off in the afternoon.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Dedicated workout days. It looks like Tuesdays are mostly track days and Thursdays are longer runs with Marathon Pace miles in them.

Fridays and Sundays: Fridays I can take off or run a few easy junk miles. Sundays will be reserved for a few recovery miles.

Saturdays: Long.

So, this is all pretty doable and pretty similar to my training cycles in the past, except in the past, I've only really had one workout a week. So, if I missed it on Tuesday, I could easily make it up on Wednesday or Thursday. This time around I have two workouts a week (which I am LOVING), but whoa... that extra workout really makes the schedule less flexible. If I screw up my Tuesday somehow (which... I did this week) then I'm kinda effed.

Now let's look at this week specifically.

Track: 3x2000 progressing from Marathon Pace to 10K pace.
Longer Speed: 12 miles total with 40 minutes at Marathon Pace.
Long: 17 miles evenly paced.

My track workout didn't happen in the morning, since I had to be at a client's at 9am and I woke up late. No problem, I'll just do it in the evening. Except when I ran over to the track, there was a soccer game going on and while I still could have done my workout, the idea of doing my 2000s in front of a crowd of people in the stands made me want to vomit. So, I turned around and ran home. UGH. The good news for this week was that my long run was going to be on Sunday, so I was able to do my workout on Wednesday.

It went really well. I loved having to use my brain so much during the run to figure out if I was on pace or not and I had no problem running these faster than I was supposed. Oops.

The 12 miles total with 40 minutes at marathon pace almost didn't happen. Friday morning I set out to do it, but I only managed 3 warm up miles with my dog and told myself that I'd do the rest of the workout Friday afternoon. Haha. THANKFULLY, The KoB was planning on doing a workout too, and mentioned that we should meet at the park after work for accountability. Uhhh... good thing, cause I would have TOTALLY bailed.

I got to the park and started my workout and when The KoB got there, he hopped along with me and used the rest of my workout as his warm-up. This run was pretty hard. I did run it too fast, so that didn't help, but it was also just really hot out and I didn't want to be running.  Having The KoB there was great, it kept me from slacking off or bagging the run entirely, but the actual running part was pretty miserable. I was happy with the outcome and so glad that even though I procrastinated till Friday night. I got in all my workouts for the week.

Now comes the weekend. The Nashville Striders were having a training run on Sunday, so I just jogged around for a bit on Saturday before spending the day with my Dad, some uncles, my brother, The KoB, and my dad's other woman:

Sarah Ruth had a beauty pageant in BFE, TN this weekend.

Saturday night we were scrambling to get some dinner before heading to a baby shower. We ended up at Jason's Deli where I had the salad bar and didn't realize until I had shoveled about 3 bites worth of pasta salad down my throat that uhhh... yeah, that has gluten in it. Well, that's okay... It was just a couple of bites.

We got to the party and somehow I remembered to stay away from the crackers and bread there, but as soon as I had just finished scarfing down a piece of carrot cake and was on my third beer The KoB says... "doesn't beer have gluten?"

Apparently, I am the worst gluten-free eater in the world. I mean, it's ONE day a week, right? I can't even get my shit together for one day a week. UGH.

Needless to say, my long run wasn't as successful or long as I had hoped. I ran about 14.5 and had to duck into the bushes twice. My stomach felt iffy from the moment I started running till about 20 minutes after I had stopped. NOT GOOD. Lesson learned.

And I leave you with a scruffy pic of Leo that I found
on my camera from last weekend. Apparently, I took
lots of photos, but didn't remember taking them. 
Beast Ice Strikes again.

And also a random video that was on my camera, too.
Hahahaha. Drunky McDrunkerson.


Carina said...

The awesome part is that there can never be any doubt that gluten is definitely your pre-run evil! Nice week, that's a tough schedule!

Amy said...

This is true! Chalking it up as further experimentation, I guess.

Carina said...

Nothing like really hammering something in. I do it all the time with things where I really should know better by now...

Melissa said...

noob here. What are the video things you have posted called? I love them!


Amy said...

Hey Melissa! Thanks for commenting!

I think they're called GIFS. I'm glad you like them... cause I'm basically addicted to them.