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Thursday, September 5, 2013

BQ Training Week 2

Week 2 found me nailing my workouts, but again failing to get all my mileage in for the week. UGH.

On Thursday after work, The KoB and I went down to his house at the river and spent a long, glorious weekend fishing, playing yahtzee, puzzling, and of course watching about 15 hours worth of The Wire Episodes.

Here's how the week looked:
-3 Sets of 800, 400, 200.
-Run of 9ish miles with 20 minutes at Marathon Pace, one mile recovery, and then another 20 minutes at Marathon Pace
-Long run of 14 miles.

Workouts went really well. I am LOVING these different types of workouts. It's good for me to have to use my brain some on these runs and calculate paces, etc. Otherwise I just zone out and struggle to keep my pace.

I did have a mini freak-out moment on Sunday. I headed out to do a run of about 5-6 miles and a little over a mile into the run, two country dogs came up to me. They were very friendly, but I was running along a 2 lane highway where cars are sparse, but drive about 55 mph. I figured the dogs would eventually get bored and run home, but of course they didn't. I was stressed about the possibility of one of them getting hit by a car (there was no shoulder on the road), so I thought: okay, I'll turn around and run them home. But when we got to their house, they just kept running. Finally, I got home and thought, okay, I'll go inside and then they'll go home. But they didn't. They stuck around for like 20 minutes. So, I only ended up with like 3 miles. I was so frustrated and pissed. It's one thing when I don't get a run in on my terms. But, it seriously pisses me off when something else causes me to miss a run.  

All-in-all it was a good week with successful workouts and I shouldn't be too worried about missing out on junk miles. But, damn. I'm just ready for this training thing to get into a groove and the scheduling to come easy.

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