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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Change of Plans.

Just a quick update... it's official. I'm NOT running a fall marathon (a winter one? Yes). Instead, I have signed up to run a Half Marathon in September. Instead of being all angsty about not running a marathon... I'm actually quite excited about it... for multiple reasons:

1. I get an extra week of bullshitting around before I have to officially start training.
2. I think half training will be a good base for diving into Marathon training.
3. I feel like Half Marathons are my perfect racing distance.
4. And... the biggest reason I'm excited, is because it means that I don't have to run as much in this goddamn heat. YAY!

So, yeah... I'm pumped. BQ Training posts will resume in October. For now... it's all about the half.


Carina said...

I think half training in general (and particularly in the summer) is roughly one million times more enjoyable!

LAPT said...

Soooo when are you going to do a New Englad Half so you can stay with me?

wesa121 said...

Agree x 2000, training for a half is so much more low key. I say this as I enter my first week of training for a full in November!

Love the cat picture. The dog one you posted last week had me lmao!

Amy said...

Carina- Yeah. ALTHOUGH training for a marathon during the summer heat and then racing in the fall/winter can produce magical results.

LAPT- Well... Boston Marathon 2015! But, yeah... hopefully I'll be up there sooner than that.

Wesa: I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys the animal gifs. Although, even if I was, I probably woudn't stop posting them. Good luck with training!