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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gratuitous Pics and then Actual Running Talk...

So, last week, I spent 4 days with the KoB and Leo at the KoB's river house. It was wonderful.

 I finally caught a fish!

Leo actually jumped in the water and figured out that he knew how to swim!
And he swam ashore, while we were still in the boat in the water.
He took off at a dead sprint. AWAY from us in the water.

Not possible to be mad at that face, though.

We also worked on a puzzle for about a zillion hours.
 The KoB's brother caught a massive fish!
No rules against posting pics of the KoB's brother!
Yet, at least.

The KoB with one of his MANY fish.
And lest you think we just sat around, fishing all day, putting together puzzles, watching The Wire, drinking coffee and beer, we also ran some. (But mostly we just did that other stuff).
Awesome views for running.

One day as we were running along a dirt road with rows and rows of corn on either side I kept thinking... hey... this should feel awesome. But it didn't. It felt like DEATH. It was hot and sticky, sure... but my legs felt like shit, my body felt like shit and then I realized... Uhhh... all I've had to drink for the past 3 days is coffee and beer. So, I started drinking a little more gatorade over the course of the weekend.

But, this is an ongoing issue. Today I woke up feeling like I had just gone out on a bender the night before. I was groggy with a hangover headache.  I couldn't figure it out. Until I realized I was probably dehydrated. I had only drank coffee and one beer the day before. WTF? I gotta get back to drinking more water. It's one of those things that I just don't ever really think about. UGH. I kinda hate drinking water. The water bottle I bought after the whole BPA scare leaks all over me. And I prefer the taste of water out of plastic... like, my favorite is to refill a powerade bottle with water and drink that. But then I feel kinda ghetto carrying around an old powerade bottle. 

ANYWAY... anyone have any good tips on making sure they're getting enough water to drink? At this point, even one glass a day would probably help.


Carina said...

Be ghetto and take the old Powerade bottle. And next weekend or whenever you have time in the interim, drop $40 on some other BPA-free bottles and one of them will surely work. My fave is by Aladdin and I got it at Target. Here's a link, if it works:

If that link didn't work, you can search the Target website for aladdin water bottle, and it's clear with a colored top for $10.79. It sweats some, but I love that it's not a squeeze top and they're fairly durable. Fill it up before you get in the car to go to work, drink it by the time you boot up your computer and go refill it! You know it's good for you...

Amy said...

Awesome rec. That's what I was thinking.. maybe if I got a water bottle that I liked and didn't leak all over me while I drank, then I'd be more likely to carry it around and drink it.

LAPT said...

Sooo, I received a Sodastream for my birthday a couple years ago. It was one of the best gifts I could have received because now I drink AT LEAST a liter of water everyday...usually more like 1.5-2 (especially in the summer).

I do buy some of the flavorings but don't use them daily...more like once a month or so. I like the flavor of fizzy water, and it encourages me to drink more. I bought 2 one-liter bottles and make sure to wash it out and add water the night before storing it in the fridge. Then in the morning when I wake up, I pump it with CO2 and carry it around wit me until it's empty!

Carina said...

I probably tried about 5 different bottles before I found the aladdin one I like (which I now own in multiple colors). So even if you hate the aladdin, there's got to be one you like out there. Also, do you have a water filter pitcher at home like a Brita or Zero Water? We have the Zero and that's also encouraged me to drink more. And we have a soda stream too, so like the commenter above, that might help. I don't like fizzy water, but my husband drinks so much more with it.