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Monday, July 1, 2013

BQ Bitch and Train Week 2

Last week my Coach was out of town living it up in fucking paradise. Soooo... since it's only week 2 and I'm still excited about training (for now), I let the KoB pick out my workouts for the week.

Uhhh... hahahahahahahah. He obviously thinks I'm in better shape than I really am.

AM: 4 miles with a poopy dog and Steve
PM: 7 miles with the KoB. This run included a fall around mile 2. Awesome.

Workout: 2x2 mile at Marathon Pace (16:22).
When the KoB mentioned this workout, I was all... YEAH. That sounds awesome! Mile repeats are my favorite workout and I foolishly thought that two of them would be TWICE the fun. I was wrong. VERY, VERY, VERY Wrong. Wow. They sucked.

6 mile run with the KoB.

Workout: 8x400s at 5K pace (1:50ish).
HAHAHAHAHAH. Again, I thought this sounded easy. And they weren't too bad. But DAMN, it's hot on the track in the summer.

2 mile jog with the Dog to let him sniff, piss, and poop his cute little heart out.

I found Mr. Bloom cuddled up to my pillow when I got out
of the shower this morning. So, I made my bed up around him.

Long: 12 miles with Melissa bitch on a hilly, but mostly shady route. It was a good run. Miles 3-10 kinda sucked, but I rallied and finished feeling stronger than I started.


A few weeks after Eugene, Coach and I were discussing my future plans and she suggested NOT running 2 marathons this fall...

The conversation went sorta like this... except it wasn't about shit.
It was about marathons.

I was all... BUT I MUST RACK UP STATES. I MUST RUN MARATHONS. And then I ran Ann Arbor and hopefully (fingers crossed) got my GI issues figured out (which, by the way, I've been further testing gluten free the night before long runs and have had NO problems!) and now I'm all... okay... well maybe I don't HAVE to do 2 marathons this fall/winter. So... I'm considering scaling back to a long race in September that isn't a Full and then racing my first BQ attempt in December. So, this whole BQ Training thing might not have "officially" started. But, whatev... I need a lot of work, so maybe it has? TBD.

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