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Thursday, June 27, 2013

On Breakups

I think the hardest part of a breakup is the actual buildup. Especially when you're the one ending it. You worry if you're making the right decision. You think about all the things you've been through together, you remember the good times. You wonder if you'd be happy just settling for a little while longer. Maybe things will get better!

So, you put it off. At first you were scared of making the initial commitment to be apart of the relationship, but as the years go on... then you're scared of making the commitment to END the relationship. It's especially hard when there isn't a really good reason to end it. Like.. you're not hurting or anything... but, you just kinda feel in your gut that this isn't it for you. That there's more out there for you.

Once you've allowed yourself to think about ending it... then that's all you can think about and every little thing annoys you to no end. But, you continue on... because it's easier, it's familiar, and let's face it... because you just bought a new pair. And I sure as hell ain't wasting $100+ bucks.

I've admitted to cheating... First with the Brooks Glycerin... which... were fine... but not worth breaking up over. And then most recently with the Nike Vomeros. The Vomeros aren't quite as cute as the Nimbus and to be perfectly honest... I think they look like Grandma's Orthopedic shoes. They are the same price as the Nimbus and I just really tried hard not to like them. I wanted to stick with my ASICS. But, the more and more I wore the ugly ass Vomeros... the more I liked them. I made the HUGE decision to wear them in the Ann Arbor Marathon and never once during the race, did I really notice my feet hurting that much (they always do at the end of a marathon in my Nimbus).

So... as much as I hate the way the Vomeros make me look and feel like I'm a mall-walker instead of a marathon runner and as much as I liked the ASICS, I think I'm officially breaking up with the Nimbus. The last few releases haven't been all that kind to my feet and the Vomeros just feel so good on. Soft and breathable and in the mornings when I get out of bed, I'm definitely hobbling around a little less.

It's been a good run. And I am sad. I pride myself on being very loyal and I wanted to continue my relationship with ASICS... but to be completely honest, I just kinda randomly picked them one day. I didn't know that you could have a shoe where your feet didn't really hurt all that much after a long run or race. I didn't know that you could have a shoe that was cushioned in the sole, but light and free around the sides of your feet and ankles (why so much cushioning around the ankle, Nimbus? Why?).

This is goodbye, ASICS. I'll still continue to put miles on the last pair I bought... but once they hit 500ish miles... it's going to be all Nike Orthopedic shoes for awhile. Thanks for the memories, ASICS.

That was my first pair of Nimbus! Orange and white. I wore them
in my first marathon. Also, please note that I still
wear that top, socks, and visor. And this pic is like 6 years old.

The purple old lady shoes that are my shoes of choice now.
Vanity be damned.


Carina said...

Haha, you totally got me! I was like, oh no, he seemed like such a great guy... and remembering being on the receiving end of a no reason except "there's got to be more" break-up. I wish you and your Vomeros years of happiness!

Tanya said...

I started reading this and got all stressed out while ON VACATION.