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Monday, June 24, 2013

BQ Bitching Week 1

Last week was the "soft start" to my BQ training. I've decided to just kinda dive right into trying to run an 8:11 pace for 26.2 miles. I know it's going to take me a LONG time to do that, but I figure I might as well start getting used to the idea of running that pace now*. Here's how it looked...

AM: A 4 mile jog around the neighborhood with my puppy dog, Mr. Bloom

PM: A 6 mile run that accidentally turned into a tempo run with the KoB.


AM: Another 4 mile jog with my pup.
PM: Another 6 mile run with the KoB. This time... no accidental tempo-ing.

Speed workout: 3x Mile at Marathon Pace with 1 minute resting recoveries between.
Results: Uhhh... averaged 7:42 pace for those three miles. Whoops.

Easy 2.5 mile trail run with the dog.

Long run of 10 miles with Bitch Melissa, where we gossiped and bitched and had a swell time sweating our asses off. Hello, summer training.


I ended the week just shy of 40 miles. This week felt really good. A lot better than I expected the first week to feel. It's hot, yes. And my easy runs are probably 20-30 seconds slower because I am a total pansy in the heat... but, it's a good start on this long, long road.

Week one down, bitches!

*Coach approved, of course.

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