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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dude... ever since Eugene, I have just been OVER running. I mean, I guess that's bound to happen when you spend like 34 weeks or some shit training for a goal race (that just ends up getting sabotaged by GI distress/troubles). I figured that after a couple weeks of easy running that I'd be ready to get back on the training horse.

Hahahahahahahah WRONG.

Here's the deal.... you train all winter/spring for a goal race. You bitch and moan about the cold weather, about having to wear tights in April, etc... and then you go run your goal race and you come back and rest and lay around and eat Puffins and Pixie Stix for 3 days and then go outside for a run and it's a goddamn inferno outside. And just like that... you went from bitching about the cold wind to bitching about the hella awful humidity.

Everyday I'm like... okay... tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I'll be excited to run! and then tomorrow comes and I'm all... fuck this running stuff. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal*, but I am deathly afraid of losing my base. So, yesterday, in an attempt to make this week ANOTHER easy week with multiple days off, I emailed my Sensei**.

Dear Sensei,

How long does it take to lose your base after a race+recovery time+general lethargy time?

My Sensei assured me that if I take another easy week or two that it likely will have "an extremely small impact on your fall races."


* It wouldn't be a big deal except at some point soon, I gotta start training for my September Marathon.

** Yup, I have a Sensei and a Coach. Two different people to answer my dumb ass questions and guide me through my training. BOOM, Bitches!


Katie said...

YES!! Why the fuck does that happen? Run a goal race, take off a week, temps go up by SIXTY FUCKING DEGREES?!?!?! Always happens.

Carina said...

First official training run this morning for my Sept. race. Temp at 5:15 = 79. And I SWEAR it was not like that last week or the week before. Ugh...