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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Recovery

When I got back from Eugene, Coach suggested a brilliant recovery plan:
Week 1: 10 miles
Week 2: 20 miles
Week 3: 30 miles

How easy is that, right? And things were going well, I was enjoying the low mileage, the sleeping in, the poptarts for dinner... until about Thursday of last week... then I looked at my log, all sad and empty and started thinking about WHAT'S NEXT? (My favorite recovery activity).

I sent coach an email with my thoughts on the subject.

So, here it is folks... I'm going to run a goal race in September and then another goal race in December. The races have been picked out, the goals have been set and I'm going into these goals with a determined mindset. I KNOW I can do the training and be where I need to be at the start line of those races, the unknown OF COURSE is my stomach. I'm sure you are all sick and tired of hearing me talk about my fucking stomach, but... ya know... it's a problem. I've got a few ideas of things to try that I will be testing out during training and I just have to be hopeful that something will either work or I'll just have some sort of miracle race. Either will work for me.

While my GI is the unknown... the wildcard is uhhh.. training in the summer. WTF? I haven't trained for speed in the summer... umm... ever? So, this should get really interesting. I am going to have to somehow buck up and get over the heat and try to complete workouts in the hell that is Nashville in the summer. It will not be pretty, y'all. Expect lots of posts about me whining and using the heat as an excuse for missing my targeted paces.

One thing I am considering, is trying to do my workouts in the evenings instead of in the mornings. I realize that the temperature is lower in the morning, but the humidity is usually at it's highest then. I'm thinking that maybe hitting the track in the afternoon, might be hotter... but less disgusting. TBD.

So, this is my last week of recovery. And while I don't expect to be hitting high mileage again for a few more weeks, it feels good to have some races and goals picked out.

 Apropos of nothing.
But, it's A CAT AND A SLOTH!


Carina said...

Sounds like an exciting plan and I can't wait for the summer training posts -- all that work is going to yield some kick @ss results for you I bet! I think our humidity here isn't much lower in the evenings, but I could see how that could make a huge difference. Are you planning any big reveal of the races? I am almost done with my fall running plan, hopefully nailing it down today.

Coach Bitch said...


The pinnacle has been reached.